Coach vs. Foley: Officially personal

Coach vs. Foley: Officially personal

Mick Foley didn't pick up the nomination to guest-officiate the World Heavyweight Title Match at Cyber Sunday last weekend. However, he did win universal fan support while sporting his custom referee shirt on Raw Monday night, when he, Mr. Socko and a leprechaun-sized Socko aided Hornswoggle to victory in a match against Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman.

Needless to say, tasting defeat -- not to mention a filthy sock in his mouth -- did not sit well with the "Coach." (Regardless of the fact that he wasn't sitting well anyway, thanks to Hornswoggle's mini-Socko punches to the groin.) Therefore, at Friday Night SmackDown, he'll have an opportunity at earning ring retribution when he squares off against the less-than-impartial Foley -- right there, in Uniondale, N.Y.!

Some fans may suspect that Coachman is woozy from having inhaled the pungent fumes of Mr. Socko; after all, he's voluntarily stepping into the ring with the Hardcore Legend, a former three-time WWE Champion who's practically in his own Long Island backyard. Then again, if Raw's Executive Assistant has taught us one thing, it's that he's smarter than he looks, and damn sneaky to boot. Who's to say he doesn't have some backup plan in place -- or even some executive assistance of his own to handle Foley?

Our fans will just have to wait until Coachman and Foley go one-on-one at Friday Night SmackDown. Until then, have a nice day!

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