Opposing forces

Opposing forces

Tonight on The CW Network, Cyber Sunday opponents Matt Hardy and MVP will take on the team of Rey Mysterio and his Cyber Sunday opponent, Finlay. The match was put together by SmackDown's Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero as a result of Finlay's actions during last week's contest between MVP and Rey on SmackDown. 

The uneasy alliance between the WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP may pale in comparison to the extremely volatile combination of Rey Mysterio and Finlay. The Irishman and the Master of the 619 have been embroiled in their own rivalry in recent weeks, and the two must now find common ground to face Matt & MVP. The Franchise Playa and the young North Carolinian once more have to find their own chemistry just two days before they do battle at WWE's interactive pay-per-view. But can either team co-exist as they head toward one-on-one showdowns at Cyber Sunday?

While the rivalry between Matt Hardy and MVP has been well documented, the fact remains that these two Superstars have proven they can be a successful unit as well. The proof lies around their waists with the WWE Tag Titles. As dysfunctional as Matt and MVP are, they manage to win when they are together -- silencing their critics each time they are in action.

On the other hand, Rey Mysterio and Finlay are highly combustible rivals, and there is no telling what will happen when they are required to act as a cohesive force. In the past few weeks, Finlay has been a constant thorn in the side of the former World Champion Mysterio. How can Rey trust the Irishman just two days before they face off in a match decided by you at Cyber Sunday? And even if Mysterio does allow himself to trust Finlay, will the Irishman repay the favor or will he see another opening to make an example of Mysterio?

Finlay insists that is not the case.

"I'm not going to hurt Rey Mysterio on SmackDown. I'm going to let him wrestle on his own and I will stand back and watch," Finlay said. "Whatever I do will serve me, not Rey Mysterio."

If that's the case, tonight on SmackDown, Rey Mysterio will have to focus on more than the WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP. The Master of the 619 has to have eyes in the back of his mask, because Finlay could leave him in serious trouble just 48 hours before he faces The Irishman at Cyber Sunday.

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