Dysfunction junction

Dysfunction junction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To borrow from a children's classic:

Dysfunction junction, what's your function?
Hooking up teams of Cyber Sunday opponents!

Okay, so that's not quite the old Schoolhouse Rock! ditty about "Conjunction Junction," but it sums up what happened on Friday Night SmackDown between Rey Mysterio, Finlay and WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP.

The chaos began as soon as SmackDown came on the air. The United States Champion -- flanked by his partner, friend and co-host for the night, Matt Hardy -- welcomed Mysterio & Finlay into his VIP Lounge. And much as our fans could have surmised, the ornery Irishman quickly made it clear that he didn't give a hoot about Mysterio and didn't like teaming with him, but planned to do anything and everything he could to make sure they were victorious.

Finlay even bullied his partner a bit while explaining the possible stipulations for their Cyber Sunday battle -- your choice of Shillelagh on a Pole, Stretcher Match or No Disqualification -- but that stopped when Rey turned the tide and asked the hosts about their own impending clash. MVP was less than thrilled to talk about it; Hardy, on the other hand, was more than happy to needle his new buddy, telling him that "whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

It seemed like both teams had happy harmony between them, until Finlay pushed Mysterio away one too many times. This led to the Master of the 619 clobbering Finlay with a microphone, and the fight was on. MVP & Hardy, perhaps humoring themselves while making light of the chaos, put fictitious wagers on the brawl -- with MVP's "Euros" backing Finlay while Matt's "Pesos" were squarely on Rey.

The brawl seemed to prove two prophecies put forth by the WWE Tag Team Champions: That Rey & Finlay wouldn't be able to hold it together, and that Hardy & MVP were, in fact, "the most functional dysfunctional tag team in WWE history."

However, once the bell rang, Mysterio and his Celtic counterpart looked more cohesive than the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions…at least early on. Rey & Finlay worked like a well-oiled machine for a few minutes, until a four-way shoving match erupted.

Soon after, something happened that should have brought Rey & Finlay together: Hardy was busted wide open following a Mysterio hurricanrana. Being the opportunist that he is, Finlay immediately took advantage and began pounding the cut. His partner, however, was a different story; Rey was reluctant to attack the bleeding Hardy, and that proved to be the beginning of the end for the unlikely partners.

MVP tagged in and went after Rey, but both he and Hardy suffered a double 619. However, the referee rushed in to escort Hardy back to his corner, allowing the devious Finlay to finally sever ties with his partner. Mysterio went for a springboard seated senton on MVP, but when the Ballin' Superstar ducked out the way, Finlay was waiting…waiting to nail Rey with his shillelagh, that is. One strike to the gut put an end to their temporary truce, and after MVP nailed his Playmaker, the pinfall was academic.

After the bout, JBL proclaimed that MVP and Finlay were advantageous frontrunners, making sure Hardy and Mysterio were the ones down and out after the match. But while that was most likely the truth in Finlay's case, it appeared to the naked eye that MVP actually showed concern for his bloodied friend and partner.

Regardless of the outcome, it will be Hardy vs. MVP -- in your choice of a Boxing, Wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts Match -- as well as Mysterio vs. Finlay at Cyber Sunday. What kind of shape will Hardy be in after what happened on Friday night, and what will become of these two tenuous partnerships come game day in D.C.?

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