Coming off of the highest rated edition of SmackDown ever on the CW network, the Superstars of SmackDown looked to continue the strong ratings run with another action packed Friday night.

The highly anticipated tag team main event was not a let down to SmackDown fans, although it was a huge disappointment to World Heavyweight Champion King Booker. The dismayed champion could only watch as he was abandoned by the ECW World Champion Big Show. This left the King alone against WWE Champion John Cena and The Animal, Batista. After a devastating Batista Bomb, The Animal pinned King Booker in the center of the ring. ( Watch) King Booker may still have the World Heavyweight Championship after SmackDown, but with Cyber Sunday in nine days and Batista over his shoulder, could time be closing in on his championship? WWE fans have the power to vote which title should be on the line come Cyber Sunday.

Montel Vontavious Porter decided to use his contract's sick clause, dodging out of the scheduled No Disqualification match with Kane; one of the three men SmackDown fans can vote for to challenge Umaga at Cyber Sunday. General Manager Theodore Long was left with a decision to make, one made easier by the arrogant and talented Mr. Kennedy. ( Watch)

When Kennedy demanded to face Undertaker, he was given the Big Red Machine instead. Kennedy did not back down, and defeated yet another former champion, this time with help from the "ill" M.V.P. This prompted Long to announce a monumental tag team match for next week on SmackDown, when M.V.P. and Mr. Kennedy will team together to face Undertaker and Kane, who join forces for the first time in five years.  Will M.V.P. and Mr. Kennedy be able to handle the powerful Brothers of Destruction?

Chavo and Vickie Guerrero came to St. Louis after Chavo's brutal victory over Rey Mysterio in last week's "I Quit" match. Chavo not only defeated Rey, but punished him to the point that Mysterio will need surgery on his knee. After avoiding Chris Benoit early in the night, Vickie accompanied Chavo to the ring with one thing in mind, closure.  As he stood with Vickie, Chavo told SmackDown fans that they "finally have peace in [our] lives" and that "Rey had mocked the Guerrero legacy". ( Watch)Chavo then replayed the vicious attack on Rey repeatedly until the United States Champion Benoit came out to get some answers. Chavo and Vickie would not bite and left the ring without uttering a word. Will Benoit get his questions answered?

Later on SmackDown, Regal and Dave Taylor picked up the victory over Tatanka and Lashley, but both teams paid a price for the match. Dave Taylor will be out three to four months to repair a torn meniscus. Can Regal continue his recent successes?

Tatanka and Lashley entered SmackDown for the first time as a team. Tatanka believes that he has been the victim of many bad calls by SmackDown referees in recent weeks, and his reported bad luck continued. After another referee mishap, Tatanka had finally reached the boiling point. He then took his frustrations out by punching the referee. Lashley intervened, trying to calm his partner down, only to have Tatanka turn and assault Lashley. ( Watch)What led Tatanka to attack his own partner?

Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy, childhood friends, continued their personal rivalry.  Helms held the upper hand this time around, using the ropes to cheat his way to victory.  Hardy got the best of Helms at No Mercy a few weeks ago, and on this night, Helms got even. How far will these two former friends take this rivalry?

Finally, the Diva Battle Royal was a treat for all WWE fans, and Miz helped trick Kristal into victory, payback to Layla for her birthday gift to Miz. ( Watch)As Miz and Kristal celebrated, the spirit of Halloween rose four days early, and the returning Boogeyman turned celebration into fear. Miz tucked tail and ran, but not before throwing his friend to Boogeyman. After regurgitating worms on Kristal, what will Boogeyman do next now that he has returned to SmackDown?


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