Long gets his way

Friday night on SmackDown, chaos ensued during and after the match between World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and No. 1 Contender Batista. ECW World Champion Big Show, who was seated at ringside along with WWE Champion John Cena, was inadvertently caught in the crossfire between King Booker and Batista. The fuming Extremist immediately entered the ring and attacked Batista, causing a disqualification.

After the match, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long came to ringside and addressed the competitors.

"If I have my way… next week here on SmackDown it will be King Booker and Big Show versus John Cena and Batista."

It didn't take long for Theodore Long to get his way. On Saturday afternoon, he received approval from RAW's Executive Asssistant Jonathan Coachman and ECW Representative Paul Heyman to go through with the match.

What will happen when all three members of the Cyber Sunday Champion of Champions match clash in tag-team action? Tune in next Friday to SmackDown from St. Louis to see the chaos for yourself. 

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