Tigers take time for SmackDown

"Usually when a team wins a Championship, they say ‘I'm going to Disneyland!'," Sean Casey of the Detroit Tigers said. "If I win, it's going to be different. If the Detroit Tigers win the World Series, I'm going to WrestleMania!"

The camera bulbs were flashing as the American League Champion Detroit Tigers, in the middle of baseball's World Series, took time to visit the SmackDown Superstars at the ScottTrade Center in St. Louis on Tuesday afternoon. Starters Curtis Granderson, Sean Casey, and flame throwing reliever Joel Zumaya were there with WWE.com covering the special visit.

Centerfielder Curtis Granderson told WWE.com that meeting his favorite WWE Superstars was a dream come true.

"It was awesome, I got to meet so many of the guys that I grew up watching," said an excited Granderson. "Some of my favorites were The Million Dollar Man and Rey Mysterio," said the Tiger's leadoff hitter. "If we ever got to add a WWE Superstar to our roster, it would be Rey. He is so fast. He'd make a great pinch runner."

One particular royal Superstar who crossed paths with Granderson was SmackDown's World Heavyweight Champion King Booker. Earlier this week, Granderson told WWE.com that the King was his favorite SmackDown star. On Tuesday, the speedy outfielder made a few projections about Cyber Sunday.    

"I might be a little biased," said a smirking Granderson. "But I'm gonna say King Booker is going to be triumphant in the Champion of Champions match. He truly is the King of WWE."

Granderson wasn't the only Tiger who admitted to being a lifelong WWE fan. Tigers setup man Joel Zumaya, with a fastball that has been clocked as high as 103 mph told WWE.com that WWE was a big part of his childhood.

"Oh man, on a scale of 1-10, I would say I'm a 15," said Zumaya. "When I was kid, me and my brother used to wrestle all the time in the house. We made paper belts and we'd break plastic plates over each others heads. One time I even slammed him so hard that it broke my mom's bed."

First Baseman Sean Casey, a self professed wrestling fanatic described his WWE experiences.

"I've been to several WWE shows," said Casey. "I have a blast every time. I sat front row in Cincinnati once, and it was great. It was cool to get to meet all these guys today," he continued. "Some of my favorites were Matt Hardy, William Regal, Ron Simmons, Vito, and of course, the beautiful Divas… definitely the Divas."

In April of 2007, the sports-entertainment world will shift its focus to the motor city, as Detroit's Ford Field hosts WrestleMania 23. Regarding the huge event, the veteran infielder made a special promise to WWE.com.

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