Kingdom saved

On a star-studded SmackDown from Los Angeles, King Booker survived his match with Batista with the World Heavyweight Championship in hand thanks to help from ECW's Big Show. Also, Rey Mysterio was beaten so badly that he was forced to say the words "I Quit", Gregory Helms slept tight thanks to an impromptu meeting with Undertaker, and the Carter brothers made SmackDown their home for a night.

As a result of his victory in last week's main event, Batista was awarded another shot at King Booker's World Heavyweight Championship. At one point, Finlay, who is no longer a member of the King's court came down and interfered on King Booker's behalf. The fighting Irishman proved that while his loyalties no longer lie with the court, his distaste for the Animal is as strong as ever. 

RAW's WWE Champion John Cena and ECW's World Champion Big Show were seated ringside, and it was only a matter of time until they got involved. With King Booker reeling on the arena floor, Batista unleashed a devastating spear that sent SmackDown's ruler soaring towards and through the seated ECW champ. Batista threw the King back into the ring and prepared to finish him off.

A furious Big Show recovered from the impact of the spear, entered the ring and assaulted the Animal, causing a DQ, and setting off a wild brawl which involved RAW's Cena. After the match, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long came down to the ring and laid the groundwork for a match on next week's show.

The other huge story coming out of this week's SmackDown was the brutal beating and defeat of Rey Mysterio in an "I Quit Match" by Chavo Guerrero. The lengthy, personal and bitter rivalry was taken to extremes on Friday when Chavo Guerrero won the match, and may have ended Rey Mysterio's career in the process.

Chavo hung Rey by his feet from the steel that supports the SmackDown set, and repeatedly battered Mysterio's exposed knee until he could take no more and was forced to utter the words, "I quit." An injured and demoralized Mysterio was unable to walk after the match and had to be rushed from the scene on a stretcher. Will Rey Mysterio ever be the same after Chavo's despicable actions?

For the second straight week, Montel Vontavious Porter chickened out of a fight with Kane. Once again, Kane battered the cocky newcomer from pillar to post, only to have Porter take the easy way out. The former highly-touted free-agent resorted hitting Kane below the belt to force a DQ, thus sparing him further punishment. After all the attention surrounding his signing, Porter has still yet to live up to the hype.

One Superstar who didn't chicken out this week on SmackDown, but maybe should have was Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms. Backstage, Helms was overheard telling Matt Hardy that he could beat anyone on the SmackDown roster. Theodore Long was once again on the scene, and confronted Helms on his word, placing him in a match with Undertaker.

Despite Mr. Kennedy's interference, Undertaker made quick work of the Cruiserweight Champion. The Deadman finished off Helms with a Tombstone, and then proceeded to continue with his devastation of the loudmouth Mr. Kennedy.

The celebrities were out in full force on SmackDown. The stars of VH1's "House of Carters", Nick and Aaron Carter were the Miz' special guest judges for the Diva Dance-Off. Both of the young singing sensations were involved in the contest, each getting a special taste of sexy Divas that SmackDown viewers witness every Friday night. In the end, Miz declared Kristal the winner, but the Carters disagreed, awarding the win to Leyla. The end result was a wild catfight with all of the participating Divas involved.

Tired of being SmackDown's doormat, William Regal introduced his friend Dave Taylor, who he claims will help prevent any further humiliation of the talented Superstar. In their first week as a tag-team, Regal and Taylor made quick work of Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty.

And finally, Vito had his recent undefeated streak snapped at the hands of Elijah Burke. Since donning the dress several months, Vito has run roughshod all over the SmackDown roster, but on Friday night, a big boot from Sylvester Terkay provided the assist in helping Burke to gain the huge victory. 

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