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Rare has there been a rivalry as deep-rooted and emotional as that between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. Tracing back to The Great American Bash on July 23, this personal issue began when Chavo cost Mysterio the World Championship and maliciously ruptured a bond shared by both men. Now, three months later, Rey and Chavo met face-to-face on Friday Night SmackDown with both men's pride on the line in an "I Quit" Match.

Mysterio's quest toward becoming World Champion was fulfilled at WrestleMania 22 while Chavo's journey to success fell short and was replaced by a jealous wrath. Seething with frustration and envy over the accolades achieved by Mysterio -- including his World Championship reign -- Chavo accused Rey of living off the blood of the Guerrero family name.

From SummerSlam to No Mercy, this very heated conflict has nothing but escalated with the involvement of Chavo's new business manager Vickie Guerrero. Together, the two Guerreros have played a serious game with Rey's mind over the last several months, exploiting Rey's son Dominick and costing Rey a number of matches with other SmackDown Superstars. This rivalry has brewed to poisonous proportions and on Friday Night SmackDown, WWE fans will see the result of this vengeful war in a tortuous "I Quit" Match.

There are very few men on the active WWE roster who have survived the effects of the "I Quit" Match. One Superstar -- WWE Champion John Cena -- engaged John "Bradshaw" Layfield in a match of this nature at Judgment Day 2005. spoke with Cena about what many consider one of the most career altering matches in all of sports-entertainment.

"It's a hell of a fight," explained a very grim Cena. "It's two guys trying to beat each other into saying the two words that nobody ever wants to say. It involves a lot of violence and it involves a side of people that you don't normally see."

Sobering in his description of the "I Quit" Match, Cena said that it is a far different beast to lose a match by pinfall than to be forced to utter the words "I quit."

"The words ‘I quit' are very, very serious," said the RAW Superstar, "and in an ‘I Quit' Match, the loser has a lot more to deal with than losing the match. People win and lose matches; that's just the way this business goes." He continued, "Losing [an ‘I Quit' Match] is an embarrassment and it takes a demon to make you say ‘I quit.'"

In 2005, Cena forced JBL to declare the two dreaded words that the current SmackDown announcer had possibly never uttered before. In retrospect, JBL called this type of contest the "most violent match in WWE."

"It's real simple," he said, "you don't come out of an ‘I Quit' Match the same way you walked into it. You have to beat a guy so badly that he's willing to give up. To be in one of those matches and survive, it's a huge notch on your belt. You come out of [an ‘I Quit' Match] less of a person than you were before. It's a hell of a thing to be in."

Given the animosity between Rey and Chavo, JBL told earlier this week that he is in high anticipation of this very serious "I Quit" Match.

"This to me is what WWE and SmackDown is all about," he claimed. "We're putting two guys out there who genuinely do not like each other and we're letting them go at it until one guy says ‘I quit.' It doesn't get any better than that. I'm expecting a hell of a match out of these two guys."

RAW Superstar and D-Generation X member Triple H has battled in just about every match possible in sports-entertainment including a fiercely intense "I Quit" Match against The Rock on RAW in 1999.

"It can ruin your memory…it was obviously so devastating to me, I don't even remember having it," said Triple H lightheartedly before switching to a much more serious tone. "If you do get hurt in this match, it's up to you how much you want to take. If a guy gets injured, he will just keep going and going on it. You fight until you just can't take it anymore."

According to The Game, a match like this not only takes its toll on a Superstar's career but also potentially tarnish their dignity.

"It's a humiliating thing to walk out there and say the words ‘I quit' and admit that your opponent is a better man. Nobody in our business wants to go through something like that; we have too much pride for that. Saying ‘I quit' is like the ultimate insult."

Who would emerge from this match as the victor as both Rey and Chavo displayed a side of themselves never seen before?

Tune in to catch the action on Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on the CW Network.


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