Shillelaghs and shenanigans

Shillelaghs and shenanigans

UNITED KINGDOM -- You know the old saying "You can't tell the players without a scorecard"? Well, when it comes to SmackDown's involvement at Cyber Sunday, not even a scoreboard will help you remember who's going after whom.

While together they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Matt Hardy & MVP are seemingly anything but friends, and they will battle against one another at Cyber Sunday in a match of your choosing -- Wrestling, Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. (VOTE NOW)

On SmackDown, Matt and MVP were slated for singles action against another pair of Cyber Sunday opponents: Finlay and Rey Mysterio, respectively. You also get to choose what kind of match Rey and Finlay do battle in at Cyber Sunday: A Stretcher Match, Shillelagh on a Pole Match or No Disqualification Match. (VOTE NOW)

Hardy and Finlay were up first, and before the bout, MVP tried to make peace with his partner, comparing their connection to that of several successful sports tandems like Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr -- or perhaps Tiger Woods and his caddy. Whether or not that fired up Matt is unknown, but he did tell MVP that he thought the United States Champion was better than a caddy.

Funny he said that, because unlike how a caddy helps a golfer select the right club, the Ballin' Superstar prevented Finlay from selecting his. Using one of his signature tricks, the Celtic combatant pulled off a turnbuckle pad to distract the referee and grab his trusty shillelagh. But as he went for it, MVP appeared out of nowhere and knocked it away. This allowed Matt to nail the Twist of Fate for the victory, but the true cause and effect wouldn't be known until later.

That "later" turned out to be MVP's match against Mysterio in SmackDown's main event. The two men, battling for the first time ever, threw everything they had at one another. In the end, Mysterio made one small mistake and MVP capitalized; the Ballin' Superstar set up for The Playmaker, but at that very moment, Finlay returned the earlier favor, pulling MVP out of the ring and brutalizing the United States Champion. The interference was a two-fold screwjob, as Finlay's appearance -- and subsequent attack of MVP -- also got Mysterio disqualified. Rey eventually joined in the fracas and sent Finlay scurrying from the ring, but the damage had already been done.

So to recap: Hardy & MVP are the WWE Tag Team Champions, but aren't always on the same page and will face each other at Cyber Sunday; MVP helped his partner defeat Finlay, who later returned the favor by attacking the U.S. Champion during his match with Mysterio; and Rey then attacked Finlay, who is his Cyber Sunday opponent.

Did you get all that? Well, the story gets even more intricate. In a WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video, Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero made an announcement about next week's SmackDown that will make these already strange bedfellows even stranger.

Just another day on the mean streets of Birmingham.

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