Drew McIntyre: SmackDown's Knaveheart

Drew McIntyre: SmackDown's Knaveheart

"He that wull ti Cupar, maun ti Cupar."

It's an old Scottish proverb -- "If someone is determined on a course of action, there is no stopping him."

Fans, meet Drew McIntyre. He is from Scotland, he is determined on a course of action, and if he has his way, there'll be no stopping him on Friday Night SmackDown.

"I'm 22 years old, so I'm at the perfect time to create my legacy," McIntyre tells WWE.com. His brogue reminds one of late-night TV Scotsman Craig Ferguson, though more strained, like he overextended himself in a caber-tossing competition. "I'm not going to stop until I create something people will remember, even into the next century."

Since the 22nd century doesn't start for, oh, another 193 years, McIntyre is indeed aiming high. One could say that his personal expectations figuratively tower miles over the Scottish Highlands from whence he trained. Then again, shouldn't all WWE Superstars think that way? The very point of being a sports-entertainer is to be the best. So in that respect, perhaps the Ayr-born Scotsman -- whose surname translates into "son of the carpenter" -- understands fully what he's trying to build for himself.

"I'm going to be the greatest wrestler in the world," McIntyre states. "I'm a big fan of the great British style of wrestling -- always have been -- and I want to bring that to America. They need something different. Guys like Finlay and Dave Taylor still keep that style alive, which is good, but America needs an up-and-comer like me here for SmackDown -- to breathe some new life into it."

The Friday night brand doesn't necessarily need the overly self-assured McIntyre to "resuscitate" it, thanks very much. Nevertheless, he's already creating a greater stir than fellow Scotsman Sean Connery ever had in a 007-mixed martini. His SmackDown debut last week surprised both our fans and Brett Major when he caught his opponent unawares and rolled him up for the three-count. Though it wasn't the kind of victory that evoked images of William Wallace defending Scotland's soil from England -- especially since Englishman Dave Taylor was down at ringside to provide a Major distraction -- a win's a win. And McIntyre is always glad to accept a helping hand from the broody Brit he calls his mentor.

"Dave Taylor's worst is most people's best," the Scotsman explains, "so learning from him over the past few years has taught me a hell of a lot as a wrestler, and a hell of a lot as a person. Obviously, I demonstrated that [last Friday], and I made Dave, myself and my country proud."

Such a proclamation could incite some Gaelic grousing while SmackDown's Superstars visit our fans throughout the United Kingdom this week. McIntyre pretty much ignores WWE.com's observation; in fact, even while he "respects" WWE Hall of Famers like Hulk Hogan and Bret "Hit Man" Hart, he practically believes that Taylor can walk on Loch Ness water, especially since he's a proud alumnus of the Englishman's hand-picked "school of excellence."

"Among a select few, Dave saw my potential and put me through a series of tests," he says. "I won't go into it, but the tests were very tough; I don't think a normal human being could survive them. But I'm no normal human being. I've got a certain drive that nobody else has."

So, where does McIntyre expect his "drive" to take him? He has already expressed a desire to attain dual citizenship in the United States so that fans may cheer him while chanting "U.S.A." He also plans to someday win the World Heavyweight Championship, naturally. But while our fans decide whether the Scotsman is as focused as he claims or simply spewing a bad bowl of haggis, McIntyre firmly states that he has no desire to measure any of his objectives by units of time.

"I have no goal as far as ‘long-term' goes," Drew McIntyre declares. "My goals are unlimited."

To that, WWE.com has some Gaelic advice for the cocky Scot: "Flee laich, flee lang" -- "Fly low, fly long," which also translates into "Do not be overambitious."

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