Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms

Over the last decade, Undertaker & Kane have had more ups and downs than a pogo stick. Much like their SmackDown opponents this Friday night, WWE Tag Team Champions MVP & Matt Hardy, The Phenom & The Big Red Monster don't always see eye-to-eye. When they do, however, there's usually just one thing left in their grim wake: Carnage.

After all, they're not called the Brothers of Destruction for nothing. See, when Undertaker and his baby brother aren't face-to-face against each other -- like they were at WrestleManias XIV and XX -- they're usually side-by-side wreaking havoc.

Like MVP & Hardy, The Brothers of Destruction know what it means to wear tag team gold. In 2001, after they seemingly put their differences behind them for good, The Phenom and his Big Red sibling carved an unparalleled path of destruction through WWE. Undertaker & Kane captured the World Tag Team Championship three times that year -- as well as the WCW Tag Team Championship -- nearly destroying two of WWE's biggest Superstars, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Triple H, in the process.

How bad was the devastation? Well, if you can find him, just ask Diamond Dallas Page. After all, Page made the mistake of bringing Undertaker's family into their rivalry; so, naturally, The Deadman got his brother involved -- Undertaker & Kane co-held the WCW Tag Team Championship at the time -- and what happened at SummerSlam 2001 was enough to make one shy away from The Phenom's bad side.

That night, during Undertaker & Kane's Steel Cage Tag Team Title Unification Match against World Tag Team Champions Page & Kanyon, the Brothers of Destruction let Kanyon escape so they could pummel DDP two-on-one. Finally, after what must have seemed like hours of torture to DDP, Undertaker & Kane mercifully pinned him to put an emphatic end to that rivalry.

Even when they weren't officially "together" -- with Undertaker on SmackDown and Kane on Raw -- the Brothers were still unified. Take, for example, the cases of Snitsky and Heidenreich, who were individually battling them early in 2005. The two monsters thought they had formulated a plan to help Heidenreich defeat The Deadman in a Casket Match, but when Heidenreich opened the casket, out popped Kane. Thanks to his brother's appearance neutralizing the sadistic Snitsky, Undertaker was able to go on and win that bout.

If anything, the only solace that the WWE Tag Team Champions have is knowing first-hand what the Brothers of Destruction can do. While Matt Hardy -- then teaming with his brother, Jeff -- was a frequent target during the Brothers' 2001 reign of terror, MVP has felt the wrath of Undertaker & Kane much more recently.

In fact, it was almost one year ago when the Brothers were re-united in tag team action against MVP & Mr. Kennedy. Undertaker & Kane defeated MVP & Kennedy three consecutive times during an October 2006 edition of SmackDown -- by disqualification, countout and finally pinfall -- and also battled them to a double-disqualification two nights before Armageddon. That match came during the height of MVP's rivalry with Kane -- one which he may have gotten the better of, but will never forget the brutality of either.

Now, this Friday night, Undertaker & Kane will once again team up to do battle with the brash Ballin' Superstar and his unlikely partner. As Undertaker so eloquently stated in a WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video, "Divided you stand. United….you will rest in peace!"

Given the history of what the Brothers of Destruction can do, the WWE Tag Team Champions might not be so lucky. Instead, come Saturday morning, they might be resting…in pieces.

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