Questions to contend with

Questions to contend with

Following his Punjabi Prison Match victory at No Mercy, Batista has washed his hands of The Great Khali. As the World Heavyweight Champion informed earlier this week, he beat the Punjabi Goliath on his own turf, so no more rematches for the title. However, at Cyber Sunday, The Animal will have to contend with one of two other SmackDown Superstars who squared off in the ring at last Sunday's pay-per-view -- in a contest that only intensified their already heated rivalry.

Our fans believed that the ongoing unpleasantries between Rey Mysterio and Finlay in recent weeks would come to a head at No Mercy. In a sense, they were right on the money. Unfortunately, it wasn't the way that they -- or Rey, in that instance -- would have expected.

Moments after a top-rope legdrop sent the brawler from Belfast flying off the ring apron, and the back of his skull crashing onto the outside floor, Finlay's No Mercy opponent couldn't help but show mercy. Mysterio withheld from any further attacks while medics secured a brace around the unconscious Irishman's neck, then began wheeling him out on a gurney. But even as Rey and our fans in Chicago's Allstate Arena showed their respect and appreciation for the seemingly injured Superstar, Finlay suddenly picked himself up off the gurney, then proceeded to deal the unsuspecting Mysterio a Celtic clobbering outside the ring.

Finlay's fistic tomfoolery, a stain on the proud tradition of legendary Irish warriors like Cú Chulainn, Oisín and Jim Braddock, resulted in a No Mercy no contest decision by ring officials. But with their No. 1 Contender's Match on SmackDown Friday night, there's no question that the masked Master of the 619 will show his adversary no remorse if he finds an opening against the Irishman -- especially with a World Heavyweight Title opportunity at Cyber Sunday on the line.

Not that had any luck asking Mysterio; though usually happy to accommodate us with a quote, Rey politely declined to talk about the way Finlay played him at No Mercy. The Celtic combatant, on the other hand…well, he saw our line of questioning as an occasion to brag about the shenanigans he pulled last Sunday.

"Let me tell you something about Rey Mysterio," Finlay said. "He's as stupid as everyone else that was sitting out there watching what happened. Mysterio's problem is that he has too big a heart and too much of a conscience. Me? I don't care. I'm in the ring, I'm there to win, I'm there to take people's heads off."

Needless to say, that will remain Finlay's fight philosophy when he and Mysterio again go one-on-one this Friday. The Irishman knows that with momentum in his corner, victory means earning the No. 1 Contender's spot for the World Heavyweight Title, a spot that Rey deprived him of on SmackDown just over a month ago. And he intends to make the most of it.

Of course, regardless of whether Finlay or Rey Mysterio earn the title opportunity against Batista, there's one important detail that all three Superstars really need to consider: The very concept of Cyber Sunday is to put tremendous voting power in the hands of you, our fans. Unlike the opponents you'll determine for the WWE and ECW Championship contests, the champion Animal will enter the pay-per-view knowing exactly who his adversary will be. Therefore, it begs the question: What will you be able to vote on with regards to Cyber Sunday's World Heavyweight Title Match?

At least until the end of SmackDown this Friday night, the answer to that query is out of everyone's hands.

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