Friend or foe?

Just two days before No Mercy, Eddie Guerrero did his best to make World Heavyweight Champion Batista believe he was a changed man, going so far as to help the Animal gain a victory at his own expense.

During the night, Eddie Guerrero came to the ring, wearing a Batista shirt, to gloat about how he had Batista's back during the RAW vs. SmackDown scuffle at WWE Homecoming. This brought out the World Heavyweight Champion, who showed Eddie the footage of last week's accidental chair shot. Batista said he wanted to believe that Eddie had changed, but promised to hurt Guerrero if he stabbed him in the back. Eddie said he didn't blame Batista for his doubt, but would prove himself later in the night.

In the main event, Batista, Chris Benoit, and Rey Mysterio faced JBL, Guerrero, and Christian in the match that Eric Bischoff had cut the lights on during RAW. Eddie was reluctant to tag in against his opponents, and at one point after Batista had overpowered him, Eddie kneeled in the corner and applauded his friend, then immediately tagged out. As the match headed to conclusion, JBL had Batista set up for a Clothesline From Hell. Instead, as JBL hit the ropes, Guerrero sabotaged his own team, pulling down the top rope to send JBL crashing to the floor. He then alerted Batista to Christian jumping off the top rope, which led to the Animal hitting a spinebuster on Christian for the victory. As Eddie tried to celebrate with the victors, an irate JBL and Christian returned to attack their partner. Batista made the save for Eddie, and the two men stared at each other quizzically as the night ended.

Earlier in the night, Theodore Long invited Eric Bischoff and RAW to show up at No Mercy, while network executive Palmer Canon praised Long for what the SmackDown Superstars did at WWE Homecoming. This brought out Randy Orton, who claimed that he made the stand on RAW, and would make a stand against Undertaker at No Mercy. He promised to make a sacrifice later on by killing the legend of Roddy Piper. Bob Orton then said he had the best time of his career with Piper, but this was about family. Piper came out to rebut, and Cowboy Bob told Randy to break his arm so that he could see what it was like. Instead, "The Rowdy One" produced a lead pipe, chasing off the Ortons.

When their match came up, the two-on-one advantage gave the Ortons firm control. However, as Randy had Piper set up for the RKO, Cowboy Bob begged his son to let him finish the job. Before he could, the sounds of Undertaker's gong filled the arena. As Randy Orton looked around for the Deadman, Piper cradled a surprised Cowboy Bob for the victory.

As Piper retreated, the gong sounded again, and as the lights went out in the arena, several Druids wheeled a casket to ringside. Undertaker appeared on the TitanTron urging the Ortons to look inside the casket to see their fate at No Mercy; when they did, they found a mirror image of themselves resting in peace. Once again, the lights went out, and when they returned, Undertaker was in the ring behind the Ortons. The frightened father and son fled the ring at the sight of the Deadman, living to fight another day.

WWE Tag Team Champions L.O.D. had Christy in their corner when they took on William Regal & Paul Burchill. Regal & Burchill worked over Road Warrior Animal's shoulder, but eventually he and Heidenreich took control. As Christy directed them to hit the Doomsday Device on Burchill, MNM appeared to attack the champions, causing a disqualification. After sending L.O.D. to the floor, Mercury and Nitro accomplished what they couldn't last week, giving Christy the Snapshot at Melina's direction. The champions recovered and chased MNM off with chairs, but the damage had been done.

After answering Hardcore Holly's challenge for No Mercy on Byte This!, Mr. Kennedy was at ringside to watch Holly face Sylvan. Holly and Kennedy got into a verbal confrontation during the match, and Hardcore shoved Kennedy into the announce table. Later, Kennedy gained revenge, nailing Hardcore with a microphone behind the referee's back. This allowed Sylvan to capitalize and pick up the victory, with Kennedy mocking the fallen Holly before leaving ringside.

Booker T also picked up momentum for No Mercy, defeating Orlando Jordan in a singles match. As Jordan prepared to suplex Booker from the apron into the ring, Sharmell swept his legs out from under him. Booker landed on top of Jordan and got the pin, but wasn't happy with Sharmell when he saw a replay of what happened.

Also, Bobby Lashley continued his undefeated streak, shrugging off attempted interference by Simon Dean to pick up another impressive victory.

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