All things big and small

All things big and small

INDIANAPOLIS -- The "half-man, half-amazing, one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions," MVP, celebrated his one-year anniversary as a SmackDown Superstar (check out MVP's one year tribute page) by throwing a party in his VIP Lounge. Matt Hardy visited his co-champion and the United States Champion bearing several gifts -- a music video commemorating the Ballin' Superstar's less-than-greatest ring moments; an insulting toast over a bottle of Cristal; and the gift of competition, in the formidable form of Kane. A shocked MVP entered the match with his own game plan, and when Kane looked for the chokeslam to seal the victory, the Franchise Playa kicked the Big Red Monster in the family bling, resulting in a life-saving disqualification. Watch Matt Hardy "help" MVP celebrate his anniversary…

Rey retaliates, Irishman flattens

After being attacked verbally by JBL and physically by Finlay last week, Rey Mysterio entered Conseco Fieldhouse intent on setting the record straight with SmackDown's color commentator. During another face-to-face interview in the ring, an irate JBL began to bully and push Mysterio. This time, though, Rey pushed back, delivering the 619 to the man whom he forced into retirement more than a year ago. Finlay suddenly entered the ring and unleashed an attack of his own, clobbering Mysterio in the skull with his shillelagh. For two consecutive weeks, the Irishman's vicious, calculated actions left Mysterio laid out in the ring. Exclusive: Watch Rey inside the ring moments after Finlay's assault…

Punjabi Prison talk

Hopefully, Rey Mysterio will have fully recovered when SmackDown rolls into Dayton, Ohio next week, as it was revealed last Friday that he'll face The Great Khali in ring action. During an interview with the Punjabi Goliath, translator Ranjin Singh brought up the contest as more of a warning for the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, whom Khali will meet inside a Punjabi Prison Match at No Mercy. On Khali's behalf, Singh noted that Rey Mysterio could conceivably run away next week. "You, Batista, on the other hand, have no such option inside the Punjabi Prison…. Inside the Punjabi Prison, The Great Khali will show no fear. The Great Khali will have no remorse. The Great Khali will have no mercy."

Earlier in the evening, the World Heavyweight Champion admitted to SmackDown announcers Michael Cole and JBL that he had no real strategy going into the Punjabi Prison Match. But he welcomed the insurmountable challenge that awaited him. As he pointed out, "It's dangerous locking me in a cage. It's dangerous backing me into a corner…. When you back me into a corner, I lash out. And when I lash out, people get hurt. If he wants this World Heavyweight Title back, he'll have to pry it out of my dead hands."

Revving it up

Last Friday, Chuck Palumbo continued what's shaping up to be an impressive winning streak with another decisive victory over Kenny Dykstra. Palumbo has been on a tear since rejoining SmackDown, and his Full Throttle offense has kept Dykstra on the down side of their encounters. Will the competitive hunger of the young lion Palumbo ride on past Dykstra, or can the self-proclaimed "future Hall of Famer" find a way to break through eventually?


Jamie Noble ended his own recent streak of embarrassments when he defeated Shannon Moore on SmackDown. But there was much bigger Cruiserweight news afoot Friday night, coming from the office of Vickie Guerrero, who Mr. McMahon appointed as SmackDown's Acting General Manager earlier that evening. Shouldering the responsibilities of Theodore Long -- who remains in a coma in an Atlanta medical facility, following the massive heart attack he suffered at his wedding a week earlier -- Vickie voiced deep concerns for Hornswoggle's wellbeing, pointing out that being Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son and Cruiserweight Champion of the World made him too large a target. Therefore, she ordered the poor leprechaun champion to abdicate the Cruiserweight Title. How will Mr. McMahon's "li'llegitimate" son fare without his gold? Watch the video…

Torrie terrorized

SmackDown's Torrie Wilson endured a trying Friday night In her own right. First, she was unable to find a way to match Victoria's viciousness in the squared circle, losing their one-on-one match. Moments later, a mystery woman appeared in the ring and absolutely brutalized the SmackDown Diva. Who is this mystery woman, and why did she attack Torrie? Watch the mystery woman attack...

Deadman rises, Henry falls

After being out of action more than four months at the powerful hands of Mark Henry, Undertaker made a triumphant return to Friday Night SmackDown. Though he had already defeated Henry at Unforgiven only six days earlier, The Phenom gained further retribution against the self-proclaimed Silverback for costing him the World Heavyweight Championship last May. The Deadman systematically decimated the World's Strongest Man in a physically brutal confrontation, sending a message to all of SmackDown's Superstars: Undertaker is back, and better than ever. Read the full story…

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