Medical update on Theodore Long

Medical update on Theodore Long

The shock of seeing General Manager Theodore Long collapse during his wedding last Friday won't soon vanish from the thoughts and prayers of his intended, Kristal, those on the SmackDown roster, or our fans. Unfortunately, from the few details has been able to attain, the status of Long's condition almost one week after he was rushed to a local medical facility in Atlanta has not improved.

SmackDown's General Manager remains comatose after falling victim to what has been currently diagnosed as a massive heart attack. Though his doctors claim they cannot confirm due to doctor-patient confidentiality, it is also believed by sources close to Long that he had a history of heart disease.

Doctors are reluctant to forecast predictions for a complete recovery, particularly since there has been little to no change in Long's condition over the past week. The only fact that they will confirm is that the nursing staff continues to monitor Long under round-the-clock supervision.

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