Consumed in controversy

Consumed in controversy

HAMILTON, Ontario, Canada -- In the wake of a controversial ending to the World Heavyweight Championship main event at WWE Breaking Point (WATCH), all of SmackDown held their collective breath as the WWE Universe attempted to establish where the blame should lay.

Controversy runs wild 
When interviewed as to why he called for the bell the second CM Punk locked in the Anaconda Vise on Undertaker at WWE Breaking Point, official Scott Armstrong seemed to imply that he made the questionable call because his job was on the line. He said that someone "much higher than him" had told him to do what he did. (WATCH)

WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon seemed to deny any involvement in the incident, demanding to know why SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long "double-crossed Undertaker."  (WATCH) As a result, Long was forced to come before the WWE Universe and take responsibility. Long admitted the entire incident was "pre-planned" to prevent Undertaker from becoming champion. The apprehensive GM reminded the fans that Scott Armstrong and CM Punk were also involved, before inferring that his job was on the line as well. He apologized to all, asking for The Deadman's forgiveness. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Though security delivered Long safely back to his limousine, he was shocked to discover that The Phenom was in the driver's seat. As the doors locked and ominous smoke filled the car, The Deadman drove off with Teddy Long in frightening captivity. (WATCH)

Despite the controversy, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk emerged to relish in his victory. Taking no responsibility in the incident itself, he proclaimed that he was the first man in WWE history to make Undertaker tap out. He then proceeded to sing his praises while preaching to the WWE Universe about their many "inadequacies." (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Batista def. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Batista made his return to SmackDown after choosing to move from Monday Night Raw to Friday nights after his WWE contract expired. But his heartwarming return was cut short by Chris Jericho, who ridiculed The Animal's recent injuries, calling himself "the true face of SmackDown." Batista informed Jericho that they would face each other in the main event, before delivering a vicious Spinebuster on the first-ever Undisputed Champion. (PHOTOS | WATCH) Jericho soon informed his partner Big Show that he would face the returning Superstar alone.

After Batista freed himself from the Walls of Jericho, he countered Jericho's Codebreaker with a Batista Bomb for the main-event victory. Afterward, Big Show issued a challenge to The Animal for next week. 

Intercontinental Champion John Morrison def. Mike Knox (Non-title) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With his Hell in a Cell challenger Dolph Ziggler joining the broadcast team (match preview), "The Guru of Greatness" overcame Mike Knox with Starship Pain. After the match, Morrison instigated a humiliating "Mr. Ziggles" chant from the WWE Universe.

WATCH: "The Palace of Wisdom"

Melina def. WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool (Non-title) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
As Michelle was picking her fierce opponent up on her shoulder, Melina suddenly whipped herself and the Women's Champion to the canvas with an aggressive primal scream for the decisive pin.

The Great Khali def. Kane (disqualification) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Big Red Machine brought his match with The Punjabi Playboy to a quick and painful end, blasting him out of nowhere with the steel chair. Kane then placed Khali's leg on the lower half of the steel steps and hurled the upper part of the metal structure onto his fallen adversary's exposed appendage with relentless force. Khali was forced the leave on a stretcher.

The Hart Dynasty def. Cryme Tyme (PHOTOS | WATCH)
While Natalya distracted the official amidst the chaotic culmination of a hard-fought match, the outside man David Hart Smith kicked JTG with a devastating boot, allowing the legal Superstar Tyson Kidd to finish the job and pick up the win.

Drew McIntyre continues his rampage (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Though R-Truth was supposed to face Charlie Haas, Drew McIntyre emerged to reveal that he could not compete because of an "accident." He then surprised Haas with his brutal double-armed DDT.

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