Deadman Alive

Part Three of this intense, dramatic and sometimes downright strange rivalry had all three traits present when Undertaker took on Randy Orton on Friday Night SmackDown this week.

After plenty of back-and-forth action, Orton was able to buy himself some time after a DDT on Undertaker. This allowed Cowboy Bob Orton and some men to back a U-Haul truck up to ringside. The truck actually contained a casket.

But Undertaker finally turned the tables, catching Orton with a leg to the head before wearing him down with some hard right hands, a flying shoulder and a big leg drop.

Eventually, the action went to the outside, and Taker had Orton on his shoulder ready to place him in the casket. But when he opened the casket, Undertaker saw a spitting image of himself lying there.

Undertaker almost appeared spooked as Orton went back on the offensive, even hitting an RKO. But Undertaker would amazingly kick out and then sit up, meaning curtains for Orton.

One chokeslam later, the pin was in order until Cowboy Bob interrupted the pin and attacked Undertaker. Taker dispatched of the Hall of Famer before connecting on a Tombstone on Randy and recording the pin.

Despite coming out on the losing end, it has become clear that the Ortons are messing with Undertaker's mind like no one before.

Earlier, General Manager Theodore Long and network executive Palmer Canon were joined in the ring by World Heavyweight Champion Batista.

Long began to introduce the new No. 1 Contender, and although his description gave the impression that Rey Mysterio was on his way out, Canon grabbed the mic and introduced Eddie Guerrero.

Long later told Canon that he indeed wanted Mysterio to face Batista. But Canon liked his idea of having Eddie wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship a little more.

Guerrero gladly accepted his role as No. 1 Contender and went on to tell Batista and the fans that he was a new and improved Latino Heat, who was more about compassion than manipulation.

He even thanked Batista for the chance, claiming he had complete respect for his accomplishments. Guerrero then told Batista he wanted to have a great match with him at No Mercy on Oct. 9 without hating him.

Guerrero and Batista eventually shared an awkward embrace to declare a newfound friendship.

Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal of Legion of Doom retained the WWE Tag Team Championship after MNM was disqualified in their rematch.

During the match, Joey Mercury got his hands on one of the belts, drilling Heidenreich in the head, which lead to the immediate disqualification.

Rey Mysterio, despite a huge size disadvantage, defeated JBL this week on Friday night SmackDown. While Mysterio was manhandled early in the match, he began mounting an aerial assault that ended with a wild moonsault to catch JBL by surprise.

A stunned JBL later hired Jillian Hall to work for him as his fixer. Has JBL hit rockbottom?

Christian was scheduled to take on United States Champion Chris Benoit in a non-title match, but before that match could start, Orlando Jordan made an unscheduled appearance.

Jordan entered the ring and told Benoit he would not be remembered as the man who tapped out in 22.5 seconds to the Crossface. Jordan then went after Benoit, who once again slapped on his submission move, only to have Christian interfere.

Suddenly, Booker T stormed the ring, forcing the ref to make an impromptu tag team match featuring Jordan & Christian vs. Booker T & Chris Benoit.

Benoit took total control of the match, at one point reversing the Unprettier to put Christian in the Crossface. But Jordan broke the hold and then went for a steel chair on the outside. Booker T grabbed the chair but then accidentally knocked his wife Sharmell over.

Benoit was on his way to putting the finishing touches on Christian when he began to mount the ropes for a flying headbutt. But Jordan tripped him up and caught his face on the top rope, giving Christian just enough time to hit the Unpretttier and collect the victory.

Later, Cruiserweight Champion Nunzio found himself in a major mismatch with Batista.

Vito did everything he could to help his buddy Nunzio, but in the end, Batista finished the match with a devastating Batista Bomb on the much lighter Cruiserweight Champion. Eddie Guerrero watched the match from ringside and even applauded the efforts of Batista.

Ken Kennedy remained red-hot, recording another victory, this time defeating Jacque Pilskin with his patented Green Bay Plunge.

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