Attack of the Moscow Mauler

Attack of the Moscow Mauler

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Vladimir Kozlov's demand for better competition has quickly snowballed into an eastern promise of destruction. Once again, his rage turned volatile, bringing unsuspected carnage on both WWE Champion Triple H and No. 1 contender Jeff Hardy.

Just when it looked as if Ezekiel Jackson's distracting presence would help provide The Brian Kendrick with another victory, Jeff Hardy suddenly countered for the win. But as Hardy showed his appreciation to the WWE Universe, the Moscow Mauler emerged to deliver his explosive boot, dropping Hardy for the second week in a row. (WATCH) (PHOTOS)  

Later in the evening, WWE Champion Triple H proved victorious in a hard fought non-title match with Montel Vontavious Porter. But, after The Game devalued the Ballin' Superstar with his Pedigree, Kozlov emerged once more to attack the champion, slamming through The King of Kings with the force of a runaway Siberian Express. (WATCH) (PHOTOS

Has the iron jaw of Vladimir Kozlov finally bitten off more competition then he can chew?

Taunting a legend
SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero and Big Show spent their evening in jovial spirits, still relishing in their Unforgiven ambush as they waited for Undertaker's arrival, claiming they would humble and break him. Chavo Guerrero even went so far as to act out a mock apology in full Deadman dress. But, the Mexican Warrior later paid for his impression, walking into the awaiting clutches of The Phenom.

My Movers Co. is packing up SmackDown 
Jesse and Festus are so excited about SmackDown's move to MyNetwork TV -- Oct. 3 at 8/7 CT (1-2 PUNCH TO KICK OFF MOVE TO MYNETWORK TV) -- that they continued to make themselves the exclusive moving company of WWE. After giving the packaging treatment to Kenny Dykstra last week, Festus elected to forgo his match with Ryan Braddock to allow time for he and Jesse to wrap the young Superstar to go. (WATCH) (PHOTOS)

Then, at the conclusion of Carlito's Cabana, My Moving Co. went to work again. Carlito and Primo -- Carlito's brother and the talk show's special guest - began to discuss the ease in which they won their premiere SmackDown match last week, a non-title contest against WWE Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder. When the champions arrived to dispute the claim that the Colons deserved to be the champions, they ended up agreeing to a WWE Tag Team Championship Match with the dynamic brothers next week. (PHOTOS)

When things became heated, Jesse & Festus arrived to bubble wrap the Cabana set, including Hawkins and Ryder, who Festus chased out of the arena with a palm tree. 

R-Title Opportunity?
R-Truth picked up his biggest victory to date over a stunned United States Champion Shelton Benjamin -- applying a quick counter to a German suplex, allowing him to overcome The Gold Standard and remain undefeated since his debut in WWE. (PHOTOS)

Michelle mashes Maryse
In an Unforgiven rematch for the gold, Divas Champion Michelle McCool (MICHELLE'S PHOTO GALLERY) once again silenced Maryse. (MARYSE'S PHOTO GALLERY) Being "the sexiest of the sexy" proved of no help once the ultra-athletic champion hit a devastating Wings of Love on Maryse. (WATCH) (PHOTOS)

Stomping on the punch line
The Great Khali dominated Scotty Goldman, easily pinning the newcomer with one foot. Although Goldman enjoyed a good joke before the match at Khali's expense, there was nothing funny about the beating the Punjabi Giant laid on his grinning opponent. (PHOTOS)

And at the Helm
Gregory Helms reemerged to make a noticeable appearance on Friday night. He popped in with various comments throughout the night to talk about several of the Superstars. Curiosity is at a fever pitch as to when and if Helms will make his return to SmackDown.

WWE Universe: Don't forget to tune into SmackDown on its new home -- My Network TV -- on Oct. 3 at 8/7 CT.


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