Hardcore Kingdom

In a most humble and majestic fashion, World Heavyweight Champion King Booker will embark on a journey from his SmackDown kingdom to the land of the extreme on Tuesday's ECW on Sci Fi.

As King Booker sat at the announce booth on Friday Night SmackDown, the royal champion informed the world of his intentions in accepting ECW representative Paul Heyman's unanticipated invitation.

"I will take the invitation from Paul Heyman," explained the King, "just to see how the peasants of the world live. I will go just to witness how the ECW brand is run, that's all."

WWE.com contacted the self-proclaimed "messiah" of ECW to learn the motivation behind the royal invitation.

"The reason I've invited King Booker to ECW," Heyman claimed, "is because now I have a budget. I am so humbled by the fact that King Booker has decided to grace us with his presence, and along with that, has bestowed upon us the majestic presence of Queen Sharmell. ECW can now be looked at in a different light simply because of our affiliation with King Booker."

According to Heyman, the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion on ECW has been a long time coming. Given King Booker's tremendous success, Heyman said ECW can truly benefit from the presence of SmackDown's liege and his queen.

"It's about time we've elevated ECW from the Bingo Hall to first class. King Booker brings with him prestige, honor, dignity, royalty and mainstream acceptance, and we welcome him to ECW on Sci Fi."

In a realm where cane-swinging and beer-swilling are the criteria for success, the refined ruler of SmackDown may not have realized he would need more than a scepter and cape to endure a full night of the Extreme.

"This man adds an air of elegance," added Heyman. "The simple ambience that [King Booker] brings to our locker room has already, by the act that he's coming, elevated the status of ECW on a global basis."

Will King Booker be welcomed in foreign territory? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi this Tuesday at 10/9 CT to see what type of reaction King Booker gets from the Extremists and ECW fans.

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