Real World?

Being a reality star means you spend plenty of time venting in the confessional chair, which probably explains why SmackDown's newest Superstar is an outspoken loudmouth with plenty to boast about, even if he has only stepped into the squared circle twice. As he prepared for his third match -- you can see him face Scotty 2 Hotty tonight on SmackDown -- The Miz was candid as ever. Love him or hate him, The Miz is intent on remaining a Friday night fixture for a long time to come, and he doesn't care who knows it.

"I have a winning percentage of 100 percent. That is better than any world champion in WWE right now. I am better than almost everybody with my record -- isn't that amazing?" boasted The Miz.

Amazing? Amazing would be more along the lines of the great UCLA basketball teams coached by John Wooden, who ran off an 88-game winning streak and four perfect 30-0 teams. Surprise, surprise -- The Miz thinks he and Mr. Wooden have quite a bit in common.

"[This kind of undefeated streak] hasn't been seen since Rocky Marciano. He went through his entire career undefeated, kind of like the path I'm taking," grinned the ever-modest Miz. "Kind of like the Miami Dolphins. [In 1972] the Miami Dolphins went undefeated throughout their entire season, went on to go to the Super Bowl and became world champs -- kind of like the path The Miz is taking."

True, The Miz is undefeated. But is he taking things a bit too far when he claims that he is better than the world champion Superstars in WWE today, or that his record is comparable to those of such all-time sports legends? Does anyone believe that The Miz is poised to run away with this undefeated streak and rise to the top of the WWE mountain?

JBL has made it clear during the last two weeks that he certainly does not think so, as have The Miz's first two opponents, Tatanka and Matt Hardy, who were none too pleased with The Miz's antics during their matches. The cocky young Superstar attempted to high five his opponents and strutted around the ring like he owned it. Not exactly the best way to earn the friendship of his fellow Superstars, but then again, The Miz doesn't need too many fans. After all, The Miz has the full-time support and admiration of the biggest "Miz-fit" of them all -- The Miz.

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