Who's left?

Who's left?

MINNEAPOLIS -- While the SmackDown match between Batista and The Great Khali may have been a network television first, the end result was one that our fans -- and The Animal -- have unfortunately seen before. Less than 48 hours before Unforgiven, The Great Khali once again used his devastating Vise Grip to crush Batista's skull, leaving one of his pay-per-view challengers destroyed for the second week in a row.

While questions still abound about Rey Mysterio's condition and whether or not he will make it to Unforgiven's Triple Threat Match, The Animal was rip-roaring and ready to go for his non-title clash with Khali. Batista was so ready, in fact, that he gave the World Heavyweight Champion another taste of his spear on Raw Monday night.

All that meant nothing once the bell rang for their SmackDown match, the first time Batista and The Great Khali went one-on-one on network television. The Punjabi powerhouse physically dominated The Animal and pounded him at will, a scene our fans have rarely witnessed.

However, even after facing Khali's non-stop onslaught, Batista found a way to block the champion's first attempt to lock on the Khali Vise Grip. The Animal then somehow hoisted up and nailed the 7-foot-3 giant with a thunderous spinebuster that shook the ring. Batista appeared to be moments from finishing off his opponent, but just as he went for his Batista Bomb, the wheels fell off the proverbial apple cart once more.

Khali escaped the Batista Bomb predicament, clobbering The Animal with a massive chop. Moments later, the Khali Vise Grip was locked in. Batista fought valiantly, finally getting to the ropes to force the referee to call for a break. That didn't seem to matter to the World Heavyweight Champion, who continued to squeeze Batista's cranium. The referee counted to five and Khali still didn't break the hold, resulting in the champion being disqualified. Again, none of that mattered to him; the more important mission was to put Batista on the shelf, just like he had with Rey Mysterio a week earlier.

Finally, after a few minutes that must have seemed like an eternity to Batista, Khali released his grip, letting The Animal fall to the mat like a deflated balloon. For the second straight week, one of Khali's Unforgiven challengers was left crumpled in a heap, thanks to the awesome power of the World Heavyweight Champion.

After seeing the carnage he has caused these past two weeks, our fans may be wondering why any WWE Superstar would want to climb into the ring with The Great Khali. Batista and Rey Mysterio have the chance to do so at Unforgiven, but thanks to the trauma they've suffered at the massive hands of the World Heavyweight Champion, what shape will either of them be in -- provided they're even in any shape to make it there?

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