At the gates of hell

At the gates of hell

BALTIMORE -- With Night of Champions just nine days away, The Undertaker upped the ante by proposing the match with World Heavyweight Champion Kane be a No Holds Barred Match. And in his first match since being attacked by his brother, The Phenom picked up a win over CM Punk.

The Undertaker def. CM Punk (WATCH | PHOTOS)
He came. He saw. He conquered CM Punk.

Even though still feeling the lingering effects of being attacked by Kane, The Undertaker summoned from within to get the job done against the leader of The Straight Edge Society. After downing Punk with a chokeslam, it looked like it was over, but Punk managed to kick out of an attempted pinfall. Next, The Deadman went for a Tombstone, but Punk countered with the GTS. Finally, using his lethal Hell's Gate submission hold, The Phenom forced Punk to tap out.

After the match, Kane's maniacal laughter echoed throughout the arena while flames shot skyward from the ring posts. His presence was felt, but never seen. The question lingers: Will Kane accept The Undertaker's challenge to make their Night of Champions bout a No Holds Barred Match? (Preview)

Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero (WATCH | PHOTOS)
WWE NXT season three Rookie Diva Kaitlyn started to introduce the match competitors, but Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero quickly snatched the mic from her and did the honors, focusing solely on Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. In the end of the tag team encounter, Vickie's boyfriend fell to Kofi Kingston's Trouble in Paradise. At Night of Champions, if Ziggler is counted out or disqualified in his match against Kingston, he loses the Intercontinental Title. (Preview)

Drew McIntyre def. Kaval (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Cleary an underdog in the match against Drew McIntyre, Kaval was looking to have a good showing during his SmackDown debut. The WWE NXT season two winner held his own at some points during the bout, but the "Sinister Scotsman" dispatched of him with a Future Shock DDT.

Alberto Del Rio def. Matt Hardy (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Alberto Del Rio arrived in style by driving a white Bentley to the ring. In his toughest challenge to date, Del Rio smashed Hardy into the steel ring post then forced him to tap out with a cross armbreaker. Then, before Del Rio could inflict more damage to Hardy after the bell, Christian came charging to the rescue. With Christian standing in the ring, Del Rio claimed from outside that Christian would pay for his actions at another place and time.

Jack Swagger def. MVP (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Despite a formidable fight from MVP, it was The "All-American American" Jack Swagger who picked up a victory by making MVP tap out to his painful ankle lock.

The Undertaker proposed a No Holds Barred Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Eager to go to war with World Heavyweight Champion Kane at Night of Champions, The Undertaker suggested that their match be a No Holds Barred Match. After The Deadman issued his challenge, CM Punk emerged and claimed The Phenom is on a "personal, downward spiral." Unphased by Punk's tough talk, The Undertaker described Punk as his "next victim."

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