Greatest Year Ever?

The WWE fans that regularly follow SmackDown know that the better part of the last year’s Friday nights have been dominated by one particular arrogant superstar: Mr. Kennedy. Last week on SmackDown, Mr. Kennedy capped off one of the most successful rookie campaigns in sports-entertainment history when he defeated both Finlay and Lashley to become the new United States Champion. On Friday night, Kennedy plans to capitalize on his recent success when he makes a “major announcement” on SmackDown. caught up with the cocky Superstar on the set of Kennedy Declares (which appears every Saturday on to talk about his big year and his impending announcement.

Kennedy’s first year was not without adversity. In November, a then undefeated Kennedy suffered a devastating tear in his lat muscle which put him out of action for nearly six months. Apparently, the setback only served as motivation for the Green Bay native because when he returned to action in late June, he picked up right where he left off. Mr. Kennedy told that his first year ranks up there with the all-time greats.

“Considering as how I was gone for six months, and I still got more accomplished this year than half the roster, I’d say it’s up there among the greatest years in WWE history,” said the rising star. “Let’s look at who I’ve beaten. Lashley, Matt Hardy, Finlay. I’ve beaten Rey Mysterio twice. I whooped Batista on two separate occasions. I’ve beaten them all”.  

In many sports, it’s common for hot shot newcomers to struggle to live up to the success of their rookie seasons. Mr. Kennedy however plans to avoid the “sophomore slump”. Instead, the U.S. Champion expects to add to his already impressive resume.

“I’m definitely going to keep the United States Championship,” said Kennedy. “Hell, I could see myself holding every damn championship in the company at the same time. I don’t think I’ll be dealing with a sophomore slump.”

There is a buzz in the SmackDown locker room as to what Kennedy’s ‘major announcement’ is about, and the U.S. Champ isn’t giving any hints. Kennedy told that everyone will have to wait until Friday to hear what all the buzz is about. 

“After all I’ve accomplished this year, all that I’ve done to change Friday nights, I think you can wait until SmackDown to find out,” said the smug Superstar. “I think it’s time for Mr. Kennedy to step it up, and on Friday, you losers will find out exactly what I mean.”

To hear the shocking announcement for yourself, tune in to SmackDown this Friday at 8/7 CT, only on UPN.

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