A kingdom's gold at stake

On Friday night, King Booker and Batista signed an irrevocable contract for a World Heavyweight Championship match that will take place next week on SmackDown -- arguably one of the most highly anticipated championship rematches in Friday night history.

Following the SmackDown contract signing, WWE.com spoke to The Animal about his match with the World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker next week. Days away from his opportunity to reclaim the championship gold he was forced to relinquish eight months ago, Batista had very little to say.

"Don't you think what I just did to King Booker is enough to show you what I'm going to do next week?" asked a very grave and focused Batista. "I made a promise nine months ago to win back my championship and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

On SmackDown, King Booker confidently expressed that he would tame the beast, Batista, in their rematch. SmackDown's majesty also said that Batista could not defeat "a ruler as wise and mighty" as the King at SummerSlam, and the same would be true next Friday. Within minutes of his bold statements, the King of the World was driven through a table at the hands of Batista with a devastating spinebuster.

After the events of SmackDown, King Booker collected his crown and his senses and spoke with WWE.com. Visibly livid, the King said he was not pleased with Batista's "impudence."

"Where does that unruly peasant get off sullying King Booker with his filthy paws?" asked his majesty. "Like a stray animal, that rogue attacked me from behind and put the King of the World through a table while I wasn't aware. I guarantee that the magnificent reign of King Booker will endure this mutiny and I will thrive next week on my 48th glorious day and evermore."

Since returning to SmackDown in July, Batista has passionately sought to regain the World Heavyweight Championship -- the championship he surrendered without ever being beaten. At SummerSlam, Batista came within inches of once again becoming champion, setting up the King for a Batista Bomb until Queen Sharmell came into the ring and repeatedly slapped The Animal to cause a disqualification. Though victorious, Batista did not leave Boston with the championship gold.

The former champion was frustrated by the outcome at SummerSlam and he will undoubtedly unleash that frustration next Friday when he meets King Booker one-on-one. But will The Animal be prepared for the King's royal knights extraordinaire, Sir William Regal and Finlay? Can King Booker overcome his archrival and retain his gold and SmackDown supremacy?

Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown this weekend to find out.

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