"Set to Scramble"

"Set to Scramble"

ST. LOUIS -- Just two days before the WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven, General Manager Vickie Guerrero attempted to reclaim control of SmackDown.

Even after Undertaker continued his reign of terror, promising that "endless agony and an eternity in Hell" would befall her at Unforgiven (WATCH), an irate Guerrero burst on the scene with all the authority of her office. She stood toe-to-toe with both Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov, ordering them out of "her ring" before demanding that The Deadman give her an apology at the pay-per-view this Sunday. (WATCH)

A Scrambling twist
WWE Champion Triple H defeated The Great Khali in a non-title Lumberjack Match with all of his WWE Championship Scramble opponents surrounding the ring. But, when the smoke cleared at the end of the night, it was Jeff Hardy who stood tall. After helping to even the odds as his fellow lumberjacks ganged up on The Game, the Legend Thriller suddenly delivered a surprise Twist of Fate to the champion, leaving no doubt that he is determined to take the gold away from him.

Earlier, The Brian Kendrick kept his SmackDown undefeated streak alive with an impressive win over the high-flying Hardy, thanks in no small part to Ezekiel Jackson. Just when it looked like Hardy was putting The Brian Kendrick away, Jackson yanked him from the ring and propelled him into the ringside wall, setting up his associate for the win.

United States Champion Shelton Benjamin gained some momentum of his own, hitting Pay Dirt to score a huge victory over his fellow WWE Championship Scramble participant and former United States Champion, Montel Vontavious Porter.

Which Superstar will walk out of Unforgiven with the WWE Championship around his waist?

The Truth unleashed
R-Truth continued to make the most out of his second chance at life. After rapping his way through the St. Louis crowd, he scored an impressive win over Bam Neely, utilizing a high-octane arsenal that culminated with a devastating Ax Kick. (WATCH)

Sultry success
After executing her lethal DDT on Maria for the second time in two weeks, Maryse heads into Unforgiven on a high note for her golden opportunity against Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Will the sultry Diva find the same success against the All-American Champion?

From Russia with hate
Vladimir Kozlov continued his tireless search for better competition. Following Super Crazy's success over newcomer Ryan Braddock, the Moscow Mauler invaded. But, when he threw down the iron gauntlet, it was Big Show that answered the call. However, before The World's Largest Athlete could give Kozlov the biggest challenge of his life, the Superstars were ordered out of the ring by an enraged Vickie Guerrero.

A ringside enigma
For the second week in a row, Brie Bella has left the WWE Universe completely bewildered. Just when it looked as if her chances for success were fading, Bella sought refuge under the ring, reemerging to catch Victoria completely off guard.

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