Death and rebirth

Death and rebirth

CLEVELAND -- While the WWE Universe is still coming to terms with the departure of Jeff Hardy, it witnessed the crowning of a new Intercontinental Champion in John Morrison, as well as the reemergence of one of WWE's most ominous forces -- The Undertaker!

Hardy "Punked"? (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Covered in Jeff Hardy-style face paint, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk teased the WWE Universe by entering the arena to Jeff Hardy's entrance music. Punk went on to disparage The Charismatic Enigma, flaunt his own "straightedge" lifestyle and dare his WWE Breaking Point opponent, Undertaker, to face him in the ring.

But instead of The Phenom, it was Matt Hardy who charged into the ring to brawl with The Straightedge Superstar. The emotion-charged fight ended only when WWE officials separated the two Superstars. Later, when CM Punk confronted SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long, Teddy agreed for both Superstars to meet in a non-title match later in the night.

VIDEO: A look at Jeff Hardy's last match in WWE

Matt Hardy vs. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk (No Contest, Non-Title) (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
In Matt Hardy's first one-on-one match on SmackDown since having abdominal surgery, he was looking to represent the Hardy name and take down the reigning champion in the night's main event. In a battle of wills, it was anyone's match to win. However, before a victor could be decided, Undertaker emerged to confront his WWE Breaking Point opponent. In a swift and powerful assault, The Phenom chokeslammed Punk through the announce table, leaving him a lifeless heap on the arena floor. Is it a sign of things to come at WWE Breaking Point? (Preview)

John Morrison def. Rey Mysterio (New Intercontinental Champion) (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
In the biggest match of his career, John Morrison finally did what Dolph Ziggler has been unable to do -- dethrone Rey Mysterio to win the Intercontinental Championship. Despite a valiant fight from Mysterio to hold onto what was his, it was Starship Pain from The Friday Night Delight which ushered in the new champion.

VIDEO: SmackDown After the Bell: John Morrison hosts "The Palace of Wisdom"

Finlay & The Great Khali def. Kane & Mike Knox (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Even with The Great Khali at Finlay's side, Kane and Mike Knox formed an imposing challenge for The Fighting Irishman and his massive partner. In the end, it was the smallest Superstar of the four -- Finlay -- who earned the victory for his team, when he smashed big Mike Knox in the head with his trusty shillelagh to get the pinfall. At WWE Breaking Point, The Great Khali and Kane will square off one-on-one in a Singapore Cane Match. (Preview)

Drew McIntyre assaults R-Truth (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
After being "overlooked" last week, Drew McIntyre said he wanted to make a statement. Unfortunately for R-Truth, McIntyre used him to deliver his painful message. After Truth entered performing his signature "What's Up!?" song, McIntyre brutally assaulted him, leveling him with a Double-Arm DDT. What's next from this young Superstar?

Maria & Eve def. Layla & Natalya (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
With a well-executed Handspring Splash, Eve dropped Layla to get the victory for her team. The win was a measure of retribution for the previous night, when Natalya pinned Eve in a Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match on "WWE Superstars" (Results).

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