Rey to kick-off SmackDown

In recent weeks, the saga between Rey Mysterio and the Guerrero family has transformed from a squabble between friends into an all-out bitter dispute. has learned that Rey Mysterio intends to kick off this Friday's SmackDown by speaking with the woman who has been embroiled in the middle of it all: Vickie Guerrero. Sources have told that the distraught former World Champion is still searching for answers after the events that transpired last week on SmackDown, and Mysterio hopes that by talking to Vickie, he will get what he's looking for.

The dramatic family breakdown began at The Great American Bash when Chavo Guerrero interfered in Rey Mysterio's World Championship defense against King Booker. Chavo brutally assaulted Rey with a steel chair, resulting in Rey losing the match, and the Championship which he held so close to his heart. In the weeks that followed, Chavo explained his actions, claiming that Rey Mysterio was a "leech living off the Guerrero name".

At SummerSlam, Vickie's interference in the Rey vs. Chavo match led to Chavo emerging victorious over his former friend. At the time, Vickie's interference appeared to be accidental, but last week on SmackDown, it became abundantly clear that it was all part of Vickie and Chavo's intricate plan. Those who doubted Vickie's involvement in such a heinous act were quickly convinced when she took a steel chair from Chavo and hammered Rey across the back. Vickie and Chavo provided a chilling sight when they embraced in a hug, all while standing over the motionless body of the former World Champion.

Will Vickie provide the answers that Rey so desperately needs? What, if anything, will Rey have to say to Vickie? Find out this Friday at 8/7 CT and only on UPN. 

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