Rey returns home

Rey returns home

For the first time in a very long time, the vaguely familiar resonance of P.O.D.'s bass-filled "Booyakah" echoed in the Continental Airlines Arena at SummerSlam, signaling Rey Mysterio's long-awaited reemergence from a recuperative eight-month sabbatical. Met by an endless view of elated fans wildly receiving the Master of the 619, Mysterio then allured the same audience with moves like only he can execute. He finally felt like he was back.

With Rey competing once again for the first time since last October, Sunday night was truly an emotional milestone in the career of the returning Superstar. Now, this Friday night, he gets to enjoy yet another momentous career highlight as the Master of the 619 comes home to SmackDown.

"I started thinking about my return the first day I got out of surgery," Mysterio said in his first interview since returning to action. "I looked forward to SummerSlam and it came and went so fast. Now, the adrenaline is still kicking inside and I'm looking forward to coming home to SmackDown."

Five years ago, the masked Superstar began his WWE journey on the SmackDown brand, and his veins have been infiltrated by a blue-tinted fluid ever since. Of course, the face of Friday night has changed substantially over the course of Rey's absence -- a fact that only excites him further.

"Rey Mysterio was born on SmackDown," he stated. "Even with the WWE Draft and everything else, I'm still on SmackDown, and I'm happy for that because I can still represent my brand. I've prepared mentally and physically, and this Friday is a moment I can't wait for."

Speaking of Mysterio's mental and physical preparedness, one thing many have questioned is whether the Superstar from San Diego is ready for the ring. Known for high risks and high flying, Mysterio puts his body on the line in every match. But, following extensive surgery, can he still be the same Rey Mysterio he was when we last saw him?

If Sunday's battle with Chavo Guerrero was any indication, the answer would be no; it seems that he has come back better than before.

"I would have to say that my body may not truly be 100 percent, but I've pushed myself to be 100," Mysterio explained. "As days go by and I step in the ring more, I will be at 100 percent, maybe even better. It's all a matter of time."

After swinging back into action with a 619 square on the jaw of his arch-rival at SummerSlam, Mysterio claimed that he is now looking ahead to future challenges on SmackDown. He is also anxious to once again fulfill a dream he was living before his departure.

"I left something behind last year, and that's the World Title. I want to make that World Championship dream happen again for me and for my fans," said a resolute Mysterio. "For the three months I was champion, it was both exciting and emotional for me, my family and my fans. I want that dream realized once again."

As millions around the world saw on Sunday, a silver-garbed Mysterio made the first steps of his gold-laden journey while fans were instantly reintroduced to the spectacle and radiance that accompanies the charismatic Master of the 619. The sleek shimmer of the returning SmackDown Superstar excited the sold-out New Jersey crowd, and Mysterio has promised that fans tuning in on Friday nights will be treated to something equally flashy inside the squared circle.

"I'm ready for SmackDown, and I'm ready to give our fans even more than what they used to see," he pledged. "I'm coming back with a repertoire of new moves the fans have never seen before."

His long, winding road of recovery may have culminated at the Biggest Party of the Summer, but the festivities will continue for Mysterio on SmackDown. Don't miss the momentous homecoming of the former World Champion this Friday night at 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network.

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