Steelers enjoy SmackDown

Steelers enjoy SmackDown

PITTSBURGH -- Some members of the Pittsburgh Steelers took a break from training camp to enjoy SmackDown live at Mellon Arena before the NFL season opens next week.

"Attending a WWE event live definitely gets your mind off playing football, because we're on the field every single day. It's a big thing for us," said Steelers tight end, Lee Vickers. "Anytime you can attend a WWE event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

In football, the success of a team depends on how well everyone is able to gel with one another. Steelers' outside linebacker, James Harrison, understands this concept, and sees attending SmackDown together as a good start with helping the Steelers get back to their 2006 Super Bowl Championship form.

"The opportunity to hang with my teammates and watch a good show is what brought me out here tonight," said Harrison. "It's just an exciting feeling to be able to be here. I don't know what to expect at the show, but I'm looking forward to seeing Undertaker."

Before going to their seats, the athletes met with Divas Champion Michelle McCool, SmackDown commentator Tazz, The Miz and Finlay in the locker room area. Being at SmackDown and seeing our Superstars and Divas up close brought back childhood memories for the Steel-town stars.

"We've been watching ever since we were little kids. My favorites were Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. I remember being young, playing with other kids and pretending we were one of the Superstars. It was awesome. You just stay a fan regardless of your age," Vickers recalled.

The Steelers left Mellon Arena blown away. According to Harrison, football and sports-entertainment are somewhat similar, but the physical nature is what set them apart.

"Our game is a little more controlled. It doesn't look like they're too controlled out there, in that ring. They're hitting each other with chairs. I don't think that's anything I want to do out there," the Steelers' 2007 team MVP explained. "I don't want to know what that feels like."

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