Vickie Guerrero to speak on SmackDown

Last Sunday at SummerSlam, Vickie Guerrero's involvement in the Rey Mysterio/Chavo Guerrero match had an influence on the eventual outcome. Sources close to Vickie Guerrero have told that she has been distraught all week over the events that transpired on Sunday night and has requested an opportunity to address her physical involvement Friday night on SmackDown. has just learned that at Vickie's request, General Manager Theodore Long has agreed to give her the opportunity to address her involvement this Friday night on SmackDown. 

At SummerSlam, Vickie Guerrero became physically involved in the bitter family feud involving Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. At one point in the match, Vickie tried to get Chavo's attention by slapping him across the face. When that failed, she turned her attention towards Mysterio. Late in the match, Rey ascended the turnbuckle. Vickie attempted to climb onto the apron to reason with him but slipped on her way up, forcing her to grab the top rope to brace her fall, in the process causing Mysterio to tumble from his perch. As a result, Chavo was able to take advantage of the situation and pounced on Mysterio for the win.

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