In the coldest blood

Last month at The Great Amercan Bash, Chavo Guerrero shockingly betrayed Rey Mysterio by blasting him with a steel chair. On SmackDown, Rey was struck by a chair yet again and the term ‘shocking' was redefined because this time, the shot came from the hands of Vickie Guerrero.

As reported on, Vickie was distraught all week long after physically involving herself in the match between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero at SummerSlam. Following the events of SummerSlam, Vickie went to Theodore Long to request time on SmackDown to address both her involvement and also personally apologize to Rey and Chavo.

On Friday night, Vickie came to the ring to the original theme music of her late husband, Eddie Guerrero -- the individual through which Rey and the Guerrero family shared a meaningful bond.

"I love this music," said an emotional Vickie. "Every time I hear this music, it brings a smile to my face. But this is the last time you will her my husband's music because it's time for me to move on."

Before Vickie could move on with her life to take care of both herself and her daughters, Vickie said she needed to express the regret she'd felt since SummerSlam. Vickie said she was at SmackDown to speak to both Rey and Chavo so that she could apologize for slapping Chavo and inadvertently bumping Rey off the top rope during the match.

The first man to come to the ring was Mysterio, the former World Champion whose dream was sacrificed last month as a result of Chavo's bitterness. Days after costing Rey his match with his former friend, Vickie pleaded with Rey to accept her seemingly sincere apology. Deeply torn and confused, Rey was able to set aside his frustration and embrace Vickie, symbolizing his acceptance of her apology.

Vickie then called out Chavo and expressed her remorse for striking a member of her own family. Standing feet away from Rey -- a man he once called a friend -- Chavo accepted Vickie's apology and hugged her in the middle of the ring. Though Rey and Chavo did not speak and did not shake hands, it seemed as if the issue between both men may have been ultimately diffused, and both Rey and Vickie made their way out of the ring.

Suddenly, Chavo sprung onto Rey and attacked him from behind. Laying into Mysterio, Chavo kept Rey down and went to the outside to grab a steel chair. As Vickie screamed at Chavo to end the assault, Chavo prepared to bash Rey with the chair -- just as he had done to Mysterio back in July. Vickie stood in Chavo's way and talked him into putting the chair down momentarily, seemingly in Rey's defense. Chavo then reached for the weapon again and this time, Vickie pulled the cold steel out of his hands. Just as Rey had finally recovered and gotten to his feet, Vickie dramatically swung around and battered Rey in his ribs with the chair with such impact that even Vickie was taken off her feet.

The widow of Eddie Guerrero then got up with an expressionless face and retreated to the corner as Chavo continued the assault. Mysterio was picked up by Chavo and dropped with a vicious brainbuster on top of the same chair that Vickie laid across Rey's body. And as Chavo stood up, Vickie's emotionless eyes connected with Chavo's until the two hugged in triumph and left the ring. Ruthless and apparently unaffected in executing their heinous attack, Vickie and Chavo exited the arena as the damaged Rey was left to suffer the physical and emotionally scarring attack he received in the ring.

On Friday night, Vickie Guerrero surprised the world with a single jarring blast to the beaten body of Rey Mysterio. Was this all an elaborate plan by the two Guerreros? What has driven Vickie to permanently sever the family-like bond between Mysterio and the Guerreros?

Tune in to SmackDown on Friday at 8/7 CT to find out.

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