Queen Sharmell's worthy cause

Every noble princess, queen and first lady fights for a worthy humanitarian cause. As First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush is known for her efforts on education, women’s health issues and launching the first National Book Festival. The late Diana, Princess of Wales reached out to orphaned children with AIDS. As for former First Ladies, Hillary Clinton focused on adoption, breast cancer research and women’s rights; Barbara Bush pushed for literacy in America; and Nancy Reagan fought the war on drugs.

WWE Diva Queen Sharmell has her own agenda. While King Booker is ruling SmackDown with his World Heavyweight Championship, dear Queen Sharmell is dedicating her time helping the lost souls really in need of her guidance – the starving, anorexic models of the world.

“Queen Sharmell is very concerned about the state of the world, about all of the serious issues that are going on now,” a concerned Queen Sharmell told WWE.com. “I’m going to make sure that anorexic models learn how to eat, be properly nourished and remain beautiful forever and ever.”

Queen Sharmell, a former beauty queen and Miss Black America, said her cause hits close to home.

“It’s something that’s near and dear to my heart. While I’ve never had a problem with anorexia, I’ve had several colleagues who have. And that is why I am dedicating all my time to research the causes of anorexia and to eradicate this problem,” Queen Sharmell said.

Besides herself, Queen Sharmell said she admires another noble queen – Queen Nefertiti, an ancient Egyptian known for her great beauty.

“What a beautiful, amazing woman. Yes, she would be the one I admire most.”

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