No signs of slowing

Are the WWE Tag Team Champions beginning to feel the pressures of being the prey in the tag team division?

Brian Kendrick & Paul London have owned the WWE Tag Team Championship since completing a task that no other tag team was capable of doing for six months: defeating the now defunct tag team MNM at Judgment Day.

The daredevilish tandem of London & Kendrick is now rapidly approaching that same time frame that MNM held the championship. In the past few weeks, they have successfully defended it against teams like the Pitbulls and the Mexicools, but following a loss to James and Stevens in a non-title match on SmackDown, one has to wonder if they are starting to waver in the belief that they're still on top of their game. That, to London, is a farcical statement.

"I'm not even going to address the fact that ‘if we lose,' because champions don't think like that," said London. "We are the champions, and we aint no fluke. When you're the champs, the pressure is always on. If you're going for the championship, you have nothing to lose; if you have the championship, you have everything to lose," he said. 

Although being the target of every tag team on SmackDown has been trying, the champions insist the pressure and the bullseye they have on their back hasn't left them haggard.

"We might not be the biggest, but we can move like no two other people in this company," said Kendrick.

When K.C. James & Idol Stevens defeated London & Kendrick on SmackDown in the non-title match -- with help from their manager Michelle McCool -- it was the closest London & Kendrick have come to relinquishing their championship. To the champions, understanding their abilities and strengths is pivotal in retaining their gold; but with McCool in the mix, they'll not only have to keep their eyes fixed on James & Stevens -- the teacher's pets -- but the teacher as well.

"We beat the Pitbulls; we know we can beat K.C. James & Idol Stevens. I'm not worried about a thing," said a confident London. "It doesn't matter if Michelle McCool is gonna stick her dirty nose in our business or not; we'll just expel her." 

Kendrick isn't above giving his competitors credit, but he's by no means intimidated by anyone that wishes to test their luck in the ring against him and his partner.

"Those are two very talented teams [the Pitbulls and James & Stevens]," he said, "but as good as they may be -- and I don't want to look past them -- I'm very confident in our abilities."  

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