King Booker has a Royal Proclamation for Batista

This Friday on SmackDown, King Booker has a Royal Proclamation in store for his SummerSlam opponent Batista. caught up with the World Heavyweight Champion to learn more about his surprise.

"Friday, I will give a man a chance, a chance to do the right thing, a chance to do what he knows he really wants to do, " said King Booker. "I'm not going to say what it is. I'm going to let the people - and all my loyal subjects - hear it Friday."

King Booker has treated the SmackDown fans to many over the top surprises, such as his two coronation ceremonies. He rode into the area on a mobile throne at the first one after winning King of the Ring; the second, held after he won the World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash, was an opulent coronation complete with royal performers and gold confetti.

But King Booker does not suffer his enemies in a small way either. At Judgment Day, he enlisted the help of Finlay to defeat Lashley for the crown. He also ambushed Rey Mysterio a few weeks before beating him for the World Heavyweight Championship. Whatever the big surprise he has planned for the Animal, it can't be good for Batista.

"Batista knows that rocky road oh so well," said King Booker with an ominous look in his eye. "He knows King Booker intimately, if you know what I mean. So the Animal, Batista, he's not such an animal. He may be in a jungle, [but he's] a koala, not a lion like King Booker."

Who knows what King Booker has in store for Batista, but he did offer one last prediction.

"Friday will be the tale of all tales; the tale of Batista."

Find out what King Booker's surprise is for the Animal on SmackDown this Friday at 8/7 CT, only on UPN.

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