The rivalry continues

Tonight, Bobby Lashley looks for justice to finally be served in his match against the man he claims stole his United States Championship, Finlay.

"I haven't had an opportunity to get a fair match yet with him," Lashley said. "We need to set some kind of stipulations so that I get him alone and I get an opportunity to win that championship back."

It seems these the two SmackDown titans have faced each other more times and have more bad blood between them than the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The rivalry over the gold began on July 14 when Finlay defeated Lashley after Little Bastard helped by tossing his friend a shillelagh.

"I don't know what his issue is with me, but he claims to be this fighter," Finlay said. "He claims to love to fight. And he hasn't fought me yet."

Finlay, on the other hand, cites experience as his only advantage in their match history; he's been competing for 32 years while Lashley has been wrestling for a mere "two minutes."

"How on earth would I steal [the championship]?" he asked. "I beat him one, two, three, right? And that was all. I won."

Finlay said he understands that Lashley simply has his mind set on the gold and has endured punishment virtually week after week for a taste of it. But the Irish bar brawler claims his opponent focuses too much on the championship and has forgotten about the man who owns it.

Lashley said he is "pissed off" that he has to step into the ring with him again, especially when there always seems to be more than just Finlay standing between him and the United States Championship.

"What seems to happen every week is that he has the shillelagh, a leprechaun, Regal. Somebody comes in and interrupts the match. I need a one-on-one match with Finlay, and I think I have that tonight, so I'm ready to go."

Find out if Lashley will finally get the match he's been waiting for tonight at 8/7 CT, only on UPN.

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