No Rules, No Strategy

This Friday, Undertaker and The Great Khali will take their rivalry to a level rarely seen in sports-entertainment. On SmackDown, the dueling monsters will meet in the most brutal of matches, a Last Man Standing Match. Only in the most extreme of situations does a rivalry come down to such a match, and according to SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, this is one of those situations. On Friday, there will be no rules and no disqualifications. Undertaker and The Great Khali will battle until one man can no longer continue. sat down with current SmackDown commentator and former WWE Champion JBL to get his thoughts on the brutality that is: Last Man Standing.

The self proclaimed "Wrestling God" turned commentator is no stranger to the Last Man Standing Match. In January 2005, JBL battled Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing Match that was so intense and hard-fought that neither man could answer the 10-count. JBL told that a match like the one between The Great Khali and Undertaker this Friday is inevitably going to get ugly.

"There are no rules in a Last Man Standing Match," said the SmackDown commentator. "You're not going for a pinfall. You're not going for a tap-out. You've got to knock the other man out. Any time you have a match with those parameters, it's going to be brutal. It has to be brutal."

Preparing for a match as unpredictable as Last Man Standing is virtually impossible. There are no rules, and everything in the arena is in play. JBL says that the only way to prepare for this kind of match is to be prepared for anything. 

"There is no strategy, no way to prepare. You simply beat the other guy until he can't get up," says the former WWE Champion. "You've got to check your body at the door, because you're going to get hurt. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as your opponent. When you walk into a match like this, you're not going to walk out the same. There's no way to prepare."

The hatred between Undertaker and The Great Khali is well-documented. On Friday, both men will get their chance to take out their frustrations in sports-entertainment's toughest of matches. Only one man can survive. Find out who walks away for yourself, this Friday at 8/7 CT and only on UPN.

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