The Animal comes home

This Friday, SmackDown heads to Washington D.C., which is the hometown of former World Heavyweight Champion Batista. This week, the Animal told that he was looking forward to performing in front of his hometown crowd.

"The good thing about D.C. crowds is you really don't have to do anything," said Batista. "I'm a hometown boy and they always make me feel welcome; even back when I was with Evolution, they always made me feel like I was welcome home."

Batista went on to say that the WWE fans weren't the only ones excited about SmackDown 's trip to the nation's capital.

"Everybody in the WWE is pumped up and excited because we don't make it into D.C. that often," he said. "When we do, they really let us know their appreciation for us being there."

Going back to D.C. brings back good memories for Batista of last year's SummerSlam, where he defeated JBL to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. But SummerSlam in D.C. is not the only good memory that going home brings up for him. While other Superstars might be fixated on this year's SummerSlam coming up on Sunday, Batista compares the feeling to something else.

"I bounced for 10 years just two blocks away from the Verizon Center, so [going back] just [brings up] a flood of memories," said a sincere Batista. "Being in your hometown, there's just nothing like it. It's a feeling you really can't describe. To me, it's almost like a WrestleMania feeling."

Batista made one prediction about Friday night.

"[My] friends and family are going to fill up half the arena," he laughed. "I guarantee that whoever I face will get booed out of the building."

To find out if Batista's prediction comes true, tune into SmackDown this Friday at 8/7 CT and only on UPN.

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