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Randy Orton looked quite confident during his main event match with Chris Benoit on SmackDown! Thursday. After all, the Legend Killer had already defeated Benoit at SummerSlam 2004, winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

But it's the man, or make that the Legend, that Orton has never beaten that could haunt him at SummerSlam 2005 on Sunday.

Orton managed to get the upper hand in his taxing match with Benoit, eventually delivering the RKO for the victory.

But during his post-match celebration, the lights went out and Undertaker suddenly appeared and connected on a major chokeslam. As Undertaker left the ring, he looked back only to see a recovering Orton managing a slight smirk as he held his neck in obvious pain.

Will Orton fulfill his destiny this Sunday or will Undertaker's legend prevail?

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JBL guaranteed he would walk away the World Heavyweight Champion after his No Holds Barred Match with Batista at SummerSlam Aug. 21.

JBL then hand-picked Funaki for a No Holds Barred Match, where he completely dominated SmackDown!'s announcer before whipping him with a leather belt, choking him with a TV cable and slamming him with a steel chair.

But before JBL could do any more damage, Batista stormed the ring, hit JBL with a chair to the back and then got on the mic and promised to kick JBL's ass Sunday.

Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero declared his love for his biological son Dominick and agreed the Ladder Match was a fitting way to decide custody once and for all.

Sitting on top of a ladder placed in the ring, Eddie said he would win and climb the ladder for every father who has ever loved their son, en route to the victory and sole custody of Dominick.

Melina & Joey Mercury defeated Booker T & Sharmell in a mixed tag match, but not without some major help.

Fixer Jillian got an assist Thursday night when she tripped up Sharmell, allowing Melina to record the pin, with more help from the ropes, while Booker T was occupied on the outside with Mercury.

After the match, Sharmell scolded Booker T for not being there when she needed him.

Heidenreich became an official member of Legion of Doom when Road Warrior Animal donned the spike shoulder pads on him.

The WWE Tag Team Champions then promptly defeated Ruffy Silverstein & J.P. Parsons to remain undefeated.

Also, Rey Mysterio defeated Simon Dean as he warmed up for the match of his life Sunday against Eddie Guerrero.

Toronto fan favorite Christian interviewed himself on The Peep Show, only to be interrupted by the Mexicools, who attacked Christian and wrecked his talk show set.

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