Hand-slotted reprisal

Hand-slotted reprisal

UNCASVILLE, Conn. — Our fans at the Mohegan Sun Arena hit the jackpot when they witnessed a WrestleMania 23 rematch on Friday Night SmackDown: Kane versus the World Heavyweight Champion, The Great Khali, in non-title action. Despite having a battered rib cage, the Big Red Machine fought hard. Unfortunately, his attempt to chokeslam the 7-foot-3 colossus was stopped short as his skull was forcefully clutched in Khali's Vise Grip. With Kane on his knees, Finlay found a golden opportunity for revenge against his attack earlier that night, and attacked the Big Red Monster's ribs. Already irritated from the humiliation he endured at the hands of Khali last week, The Animal ran out to stop the Irishman and the giant, only to again fall to the Khali Vise Grip. Read the whole story…

A little VIP treatment awaited Matt Hardy Friday night when he and our fans joined the flashy United States Champion in "MVP's VIP Lounge." Matt arrived at the Ballin' lounge, prepared for anything that the Franchise Playa could throw at him…or so he thought. Reiterating that he couldn't compete in their next challenge, a Boxing Match at Saturday Night's Main Event, due to his recently treated heart condition, the swaggering Superstar assured that his replacement -- boxing's only four-time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Evander Holyfield -- would get the job done. MVP had an additional surprise contest in store for Hardy this night: Chris Masters and his Master Lock Challenge. Matt looked like he might have been up to the challenge and actually break Masters' hold, until MVP repeatedly kicked Hardy's exposed mid-section and laid him out with the Playmaker. More on this story…

A week ago, Jamie Noble had cost Finlay a match against Matt Hardy when he tried to attack the fighting Irishman's miniature comrade and Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Hornswoggle. On Friday night, Finlay made Noble pay dearly for his actions, working his knee and nearly ending the contest with a Celtic Cross -- until Kane suddenly appeared to deliver some week-old payback of his own. But while Kane attacked the Irishman, Noble unexpectedly got shoved into the Big Red Machine by Hornswoggle. In return, an incensed Kane handed Noble a hellacious chokeslam.

In other SmackDown action, a focused Chavo Guerrero made an example of what he plans to do to Rey Mysterio when he makes his big return at the Biggest Party of the Summer one week from Sunday. Aggressively manhandling and defeating Shannon Moore with a brainbuster wasn't enough for Chavo to end his Friday night fun, however. Instead, the former Cruiserweight Champion, hoping Rey was watching at home, mocked the Master of the 619 by putting a replica mask over Moore's head, then hitting the Frog Splash to injure his downed opponent's knee.

Mark Henry also provided his own entertainment Friday night, by obliterating Brad Cardona and finishing him off with a catastrophic bear hug. But as the self-proclaimed Silverback once again showed video footage of his attack on Undertaker last May, disturbing footage from Death Valley suddenly aired on the TitanTron, the lights flickered and a familiar death knell sounded. The World's Strongest Man looked increasingly uneasy as two Druids stood outside the ring, then vanished after a flash of light, leaving a mound of sand with footprints inside.

Raw's Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman wasn't exactly following footprints so much as he was trying to help Mr. McMahon uncover which Superstar could be Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child. The search brought them to Uncasville Friday night, but the Chairman's past "indiscretions" could have been linked to anyone, from The Great Khali to Kane to Funaki to even Big Dick Johnson. Could one of the SmackDown Superstars have the Chairman in their blood? As Coachman told Mr. McMahon on Raw the other night, he may have an answer come Saturday Night's Main Event; until then, the WWE locker rooms will remain abuzz.

A much happier conversation took place within the SmackDown General Manager's confines, as glowing bride-to-be Kristal asked Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool to be her bridesmaids when she and GM Theodore Long say "I do" on SmackDown Sept. 21. Victoria, accompanied by boy toy Kenny Dykstra, entered the room and expressed her disappointment that she wasn't included in the bridal party, while Michelle countered that the best gift they could give would be if they didn't show up at the wedding. After Victoria and Michelle furiously clawed each other, Long ordered the feisty vixens to take their frustrations out in the ring. It was apparent that the deranged Diva didn't want Michelle loving life anymore, as she trash-talked and pounded mercilessly at the sexy Diva. Amazingly, SmackDown's All-American Girl quickly turned things around with a authoritative kick to the head and a top-rope clothesline to score the pinfall.

In other SmackDown action, The Major Brothers faced WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino in a non-title match. The contest could have gone either way until Brian Major's attempted crossbody for the victory missed Deuce, allowing the hot-headed Superstar to quickly take advantage with the pinfall.

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