MVP's VIP treatment KO's Hardy

MVP's VIP treatment KO's Hardy
UNCASVILE, Conn. -- At Saturday Night's Main Event, Matt Hardy must lace up a pair of boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe with boxing's only four-time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Evander Holyfield. Unfortunately, Matt first has to recover from the brutal "VIP treatment" he received on SmackDown Friday night, courtesy the United States Champion, Montel Vontavious Porter.

From his lavish lounge set up in the middle of the ring, SmackDown's Franchise Playa addressed the Boxing Match challenge he issued Matt on last weekend, then resuscitated his "serious heart condition" spiel. Claiming that his doctors wouldn't permit him to box this weekend, MVP tried explaining how both he and Hardy were allowed to choose a surrogate fighter to take their place in Madison Square Garden. "Matt Hardy decided that he would choose himself," he stated, "I chose my sparring partner -- the only four-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, Evander ‘The Real Deal' Holyfield."

With that, the Ballin' champion welcomed his "VIP Lounge" guest, who looked confident despite the fact that he'll be fighting way out of his league at Saturday Night's Main Event. Matt Hardy didn't pull any punches with MVP, telling him straight out that "the last time people like me were challenged by a person like you…you lost."

Our fans cheered as MVP continued to cringe over Matt's reminders of besting him in their Arm Wrestling Challenge and subsequent non-title match two weeks prior -- "Actually, I beat you so bad, you ran away. And I would have beat you in a Boxing Match, but you had to run once again and get Evander Holyfield."

While again pumping his cardio complications for all they were worth, MVP had the audacity to call Hardy a liar. But our fans in Uncasville and Matt refused to be rope-a-duped into believing the U.S Champion's medical malady. "You've got a heart condition, all right," he assessed aggressively, "and it's ‘lack thereof.'" As for Holyfield, the Man Who Will Not Die said, "Let him show up, and I will fight him."

Like a boxer finding an opening, MVP coaxed his adversary into reiterating a prior-spoken bond to accept any challenge issued at any time by the Franchise Playa. He then introduced guest contester Chris Masters, who came out to apply the Master Lock on a clearly unprepared Hardy. It's widely known to our fans and Superstars that only Bobby Lashley has ever successfully broken The Masterpiece's formidable hold; however, to the never-say-die Superstar's great credit, he accepted MVP's challenge, sat down in the middle of the ring and allowed himself to be Master Locked.

Unfortunately, just when it looked like Hardy might actually escape Masters' painful clutches, there was no way he could avoid a sucker-punch -- or in this case, several sucker-gut kicks -- from the U.S. Champion.

With only the Master Lock holding the barely-conscious Hardy upright, MVP shouted more painful words of disrespect into the mic. "You know what, Matt? Sometimes, life sucks…and so does this!" The Ballin' browbeater then delivered a humiliating slap across the face that left Matt sprawled out on the canvas.

At that moment, no one in the Mohegan Sun Arena would have bet on Hardy's uncanny intestinal fortitude to motivate him back to his feet. Unfortunately, it kicked in a few seconds too soon. Otherwise, MVP and Masters might have completely exited the ring, and the U.S. Champion might not have risked further "damaging" his heart with a devastating Playmaker that drove the helpless Hardy's skull right into the mat.

As his steadfast rival writhed in agony, MVP got in Matt Hardy's face one last time, just so he could show off the bling that has made their ongoing contest of wills so contentious over the past several weeks. "Matt Hardy, you will never get this!" he roared. "You will never beat me for my United States Championship, because I will always be better than you!"

Sadly, Montel Vonatvious Porter may be correct this time. Between his heartless VIP treatment Friday night, plus an all-but-assured beating from boxing legend Evander Holyfield at Saturday Night's Main Event, this may be the weekend where Matt Hardy must finally accept that his "indestructible soul" may not live up to the challenge.

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