'Til death do us part

'Til death do us part

NORFOLK, Va. -- Just two days before the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer, the WWE Universe stood witness to the calculating actions of a mad man, wondering if a legend would emerge to answer his wild taunts.

In anticipation of his match with the reinstated Undertaker in Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam, Edge continued his personal reign of terror on his wife, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero.

Following last week's Con-Chair-To to best man Chavo Guerrero, the unprotected Vickie clung to Diva Victoria, fearing both her crazed husband and his SummerSlam foe. When she tried to escape her impending doom, the Master Manipulator cut her off at the limousine pass and took her on a wild wheelchair ride that ended ringside.

The deranged Edge screamed at his wife to apologize for all that she did to The Phenom. He then showed his insane defiance of The Deadman by attempting to call him out right then and there. But, when Undertaker didn't appear and Edge realized he would be forced to wait for SummerSlam to fully unleash his unchecked rage, he promised Guerrero that it would be the "purest form of Hell."

Returning the favor 
Just one week after The Great Khali sent a devastating message to WWE Champion Triple H with his vicious Vise Grip, The Game answered back with authority. Ranjin Singh started things off by joining Jim Ross and Tazz while the Punjabi Giant watched The King of Kings decimate Kenny Dykstra. Things quickly got out of hand, though, when Triple H "borrowed" Singh to entice his mammoth adversary into the ring. Although he failed to deliver a Pedigree on his No. 1 contender for the second week in a row, The Game sent a powerful message of his own by knocking Khali off his feet and out of the ring. (watch) Will the WWE Champion find his stride and take Khali down at the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer this Sunday on pay-per-view? 

Third time is not a charm
Montel Vontavious Porter attempted, yet again, to interfere in his SummerSlam opponent Jeff Hardy's match, this time against United States Champion Shelton Benjamin. MVP's plan ultimately backfired, however. After giving the high-flying challenger a huge victory in the title match over the Gold Standard by disqualification, Hardy rose above his adversary, delivering a Twist of Fate to MVP before hitting both him and the champion with Swanton Bombs. (watch

Devilish Divas
For the second time in recent weeks, Natalya & Maryse found themselves victorious in tag team action over Divas Champion Michelle McCool & Maria. Although the All-American champion and her partner seemed to have had the match well in hand, McCool allowed herself be distracted by Maryse one time too many, opening the door for Natalya to pick up the win. 

A future full of attitude
After reminding the WWE Universe that he is the future of the sports-entertainment and getting his advisor Ezekiel Jackson to utter his first words to the SmackDown audience in agreement, The Brian Kendrick executed an impressive assault on Scotty Goldman in the Superstar's debut match. Afterward, Jackson dished out his own physical form of "advisement" on the newcomer. (watch)  

A Gigantic debut
Big Show wrecked swift havoc on Friday night, sending a pulverizing welcome to swaggering newcomer Ryan Braddock. The World's Largest Athlete has been a force to be reckoned with since his return earlier this year, and his stock continues to rise as he piles up the victories. 

Moscow meets the Midwest
For months now, the imposing Vladimir Kozlov has captured win after win over every Superstar he has encountered in his search for "better competition." He finally found what he has been looking for in the form of Festus. The Moscow Mauler engaged in a fierce battle with the Corn-fed Colossus before saving his undefeated streak with a raging head butt from the East.

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