Samoan Bulldozer stopped...for now

Samoan Bulldozer stopped...for now

Since arriving to WWE from the Isle of Samoa, Umaga has steamrolled over his opponents, winning two Intercontinental Championships. But for now, the bulldozing will cease. Umaga was injured at a SmackDown live event in Johnson City, Tenn., when he fell out of the ring onto his knee. After being examined by WWE's Dr. Martha Dodson, Umaga has been diagnosed with a torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). 

According to Dodson, the force of both the fall and Umaga's weight landing on his knee caused the injury. However, the Samoan Bulldozer will not require surgery. Instead, Umaga will go through rehabilitation, and will be out four to six weeks. After, Umaga will be revaluated by doctors to see if he's made improvements.

"The concern of anyone with an injury such as this will be coming back too soon, because you could worsen the injury or actually suffer more injuries to the rest of the knee," said Dodson, a sports medicine specialist. "In his situation, because of his level of competition, it would not only be very painful to return, but could potentially worsen other injuries. I think four to six weeks, minimally, is a pretty rapid time for him to get back to action." can only speculate that the Samoan Bulldozer will return to SmackDown with increased voraciousness, which could create even more chaos on Friday nights.

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