Family reunion

Family reunion

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada -- Amidst an emotional firestorm of SummerSlam fueled destruction, two brothers appeared to find the path of reconciliation.

Hart Dynasty def. World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy (Handicap Match) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
After his vicious attack on Jeff Hardy last week, CM Punk expounded on his own TLC attributes, insisting that he would prove victorious in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at SummerSlam (match preview). After the former champion promised to "end Jeff Hardy," SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long stepped into the ring to refute Punk's claims that the injured Hardy may be too hurt to compete at the pay-per-view. The war-torn Charismatic Champion himself then slowly emerged to echo Long's statement, promising to defeat Punk in nine days time. (VIDEO | PHOTOS) Though it seemed Hardy would be out of action for the night, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon soon dropped a bombshell by phone, ordering that, despite his injuries, the World Champion would have face The Hart Dynasty in a Handicap Match.

Though Hardy fought heroically, the 2-on-1 disadvantage proved too much for the injured champion, as he finally succumbed to the Dynasty's Hart Attack. When The Straightedge Superstar emerged to execute a post-match onslaught on his SummerSlam opponent, John Morrison rushed down to Hardy's defense. But the pair still found themselves outgunned once Punk incorporated the steel chair. Then, to the surprise and delight of the WWE Universe, Matt Hardy suddenly burst onto the scene. After working to clear the ring, the elder Hardy extended an arm to help his brother up, igniting an explosive roar from the ecstatic WWE Universe.

Back in his office, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long made the monumental announcement to Mr. McMahon that next week on SmackDown, CM Punk & The Hart Dynasty will face John Morrison and Matt & Jeff Hardy.

CM Punk def. John Morrison (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
The third time proved to be a charm for The Straightedge Superstar. After suffering two separate pinfalls at the hands of The Friday Night Delight in recent weeks, the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship foiled Morrison's second attempt at Starship Pain and hit the GTS.

Ranjin Singh feels the terror of The Big Red Machine (VIDEO 1 | 2 | 3)
Throughout the night, the WWE Universe stood witness as The Great Khali's kidnapped interpreter Ranjin Singh suffered the torment of The Big Red Monster from somewhere in the arena. Although Singh was made to say that he was "being punished because of his association with The Great Khali," his most startling words came when he proclaimed that he is the actually the brother of The Punjabi Playboy. Khali finally found the completely tormented Singh, only to be attacked from behind by Kane with horrifying brutality. 

Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show def. JTG (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
Despite an incredible victory over Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho last week, JTG could not climb to the heights of The World's Largest Athlete. Shortly after the Jericho delivered a cheap shot to Shad outside the ring, Big Show triumphed by submission with the excruciating Colossal Clutch. But as Big Show was exiting the ring, Shad delivered a shot of his own, sending the gigantic Superstar crashing to the ringside floor below. (SummerSlam Unified Tag Team Championship preview)

Dolph Ziggler def. Finlay (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
The ultra-confident Ziggler reigned supreme over The Belfast Brawler, executing his vicious reverse bulldog after Mike Knox struck Finlay with the Shillelagh. After the bell, Knox continued his unrelenting assault, ending with a calculated backbreaker to Finlay onto the unforgiving steel steps.  (SummerSlam Intercontinental Championship preview)

Melina def. Layla (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
The fierce Melina continued to run wild throughout Friday night, utilizing pure primal emotion to put away Layla and send a strong message to Women's Champion Michelle McCool.

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