Dead Man Walking?

On a chaotic edition of SmackDown from Nashville, The Great Khali's master plan to avoid facing Undertaker in a Last Man Standing Match was spoiled in a big way when he received a ground breaking chokeslam from the Phenom. To make matters worse, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long ordered the Punjabi warrior to meet Undertaker in a Last Man Standing match next week on the show. Also, Batista dominated the Tag-Team main event and then had a message for King Booker, and the family feud between Rey Mysterio, Chavo and an innocent Vickie Guerrero continued, all as SmackDown surges towards the biggest party of the Summer.

Two weeks ago on SmackDown, Undertaker challenged Great Khali to a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam. This week, Daivari and Khali immediately addressed the situation.

"Undertaker, you might as well be a dead man…" said Khali's spokesman. "Because, to The Great Khali, you do not exist. He's beat you down week after week after week. You are nothing to The Great Khali. We do not accept your challenge for a Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam."

Seconds later, with Daivari and Khali still in the ring, Undertaker took matters into his own hands. The Phenom rushed the ring and immediately went after the Punjabi monster. The Deadman softened him up with a barrage of lefts and rights and then delivered a statement that shook the foundation of SmackDown.  With Khali wobbly and vulnerable, Undertaker grabbed for his throat, elevated him and drove him to the mat with a thunderous chokeslam. Not only was it the first time anyone manhandled The Great Khali, but it was the first time anyone even took the 7 foot 3, 420 pound monster off his feet.

Moments later, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long delivered the final blow to Khali's auspicious evening. "The Great Khali will not wrestle Undertaker at SummerSlam," said Long. "Because next week, right here on SmackDown, The Great Khali will go one-on-one with Undertaker in a Last Man Standing Match." (Watch Khali's tough night)

The main event on SmackDown was a tag match pitting power vs. experience as Batista and Lashley teamed up to take on United States Champion Finlay and his partner William Regal.

The unique pairings provided the kind of aggressive action that you can only find on SmackDown. Finlay and Regal, who themselves have been going at it for weeks, used their advantage in technical wrestling to keep the bigger men off their feet. The strategy however didn't work for long because when Batista got into the ring, things broke down in a hurry.

The former World Heavyweight Champion, who in recent weeks has repeatedly spoken of his desire to regain the gold showed the fire that made him such a dominant Champion. The Animal made quick work of the opposition, obliterating Regal with a high-impact spinebuster and scoring the pin.

After the match, Batista addressed King Booker, who had joined Michael Cole and JBL for commentary. "Nothing personal Booker, but thanks for holding onto my Championship for me," said the former Champ. "At SummerSlam, I'll be needing that back." (Watch the Animal dominate)

Whether or not Batista can slow down the streaking King is still up in the air. But one thing is for sure, if he delivers a spinebuster to King Booker the likes of the one he gave William Regal, the gold could very easily be changing hands at SummerSlam.

Also this week on SmackDown, former World Champion Rey Mysterio faced off with the red-hot Mr. Kennedy, but the match was interrupted and overshadowed by the continuation of the emotional and dramatic family feud between Rey and former close friend Chavo Guerrero. 

Eddie Guerrero's widow Vickie, who last week found herself in the middle of the bitter family dispute was at SmackDown again this week. In the locker room, an emotionally distraught Vickie tried to talk some sense into the former friends. Chavo however, tried to turn the tables. Echoing many of the sentiments he shared last week, Chavo told Vickie that Rey was to blame for the family squabbles.

"I didn't start this Vickie. I know things are messed up lately, but I've known you for a long time," said Chavo. "Rey is trying to steal the Guerrero name. You might not be blood Vickie, but you married a Guerrero, you're as much of a Guerrero as any of us. The fact is that Rey is trying to tear our family apart. His last name is not Guerrero."

Chavo continued, promising Vickie that he would do his best to avoid further confrontation. "I will do my best," said Chavo. "In honor of Eddie, I will do my best to avoid that bottom feeding leech Rey Mysterio.

Later, Rey Mysterio made a similar promise to Vickie. "I'll try my best in the name of Eddie Guerrero…" said Rey. "I'll try to avoid fighting him. I can't guarantee anything, but I guarantee you I will try my best."

By the time the night was over, only one man had honored his promise.

Showing the resiliency that has made him the Superstar that he is today, Rey was able to shake off the distractions of his family affairs and focus on the match at hand. But, just when he appeared to be on the verge of putting Kennedy away, Chavo stormed the ring. Rey met his former friend with a sliding dropkick and an intense brawl immediately ensued.

Overwhelmed, Vickie came ringside in an attempt to break up the fight, but found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time as she was inadvertently knocked down when Chavo pushed Rey into her. Noticing the innocent peacemaker lying helpless on the arena floor, Rey turned his attention to a motionless Vickie. Seconds later, Chavo showed the world his true colors when he leveled Rey from behind with a cheap shot. What was at one time a minor scuffle between friends has officially escalated into a full scale family feud. (Watch the dramatic events)

SmackDown also played host to another of its many celebrity fans this week. The star of NBC's new hit show ‘Windfall' and Nashville's own Luke Perry appeared on this week's show. First, the veteran actor was seen hitting on two of the sexiest women on television, Ashley and Kristal. Later, he participated in this week's Diva Search Talent Contest. For more on the Diva Search, Click Here.  

Several of SmackDown's rising young stars were also in action this week on SmackDown. Fresh of their impressive debuts of a week ago, Michelle McCool's teacher's pets, K.C. James and Idol Stevens were back in action. The smooth newcomers sent a message to the tag-team division and immediately put themselves in the Championship hunt when they took out current Tag-Team Champions London & Kendrick in non-title action.

Also, renowned bully and amateur wrestling specialist Sylvester Terkay was back in action. The decorated newcomer dominated another opponent both before and after the bell. In just three weeks, Terkay has established himself as an absolute force to be reckoned with for any and all WWE Superstars.

Montel Vontavious Porter was seen chatting with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long in the locker room again this week. Long attempted to make an offer to M.V.P., but was again referred to the young Superstar's agent. (Watch M.V.P. do his thang)

The longest current reigning Champion in all of WWE, Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, was also in action this week. The king of the Cruiserweight mountain recorded a controversial victory over the Native American Tatanka when the referee failed to notice Tatanka's leg under the rope during the pin. Afterwards, Tatanka was irate with the referee's mistake.

In other action, Vito remained undefeated since donning the dress as he danced his way to victory over the Ambassador-at-Large to Quebec, Sylvan.

As first reported on earier this week, The Boogeyman is coming back to SmackDown. For those viewers that missed the announcement, a special video package aired this week to remind fans of this imminent return. (Watch)

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