Divas show their talents

On SmackDown this week, the final four 2006 $250,000 Diva Search contestants participated in the Diva Search Talent Show to demonstrate to the WWE fans what they do best. Diva Search host Mike "The Miz" Mizanin called on the star of NBC's "Windfall" and Nashville, Tenn. native, actor Luke Perry, to be a guest judge. In front of the Nashville crowd, one by one, Jen England, Layla El, Milena Roucka and J.T. Tinney displayed their talents. 

"I think we want to see someone who executes well, who finishes strong; someone to bring the love, Nashville-style," Perry said.

First, Jen called upon a volunteer, Josh from Nashville, to help her demonstrate her talent -- a tribute to her favorite former WWE Superstar, Stone Cold Steve Austin. After knocking around Josh with a couple of kicks, Jen opened up two beers, poured them all over her body, downed some, threw the cans around the ring and said, "Nashville, I'm here to kick some ass with class. … Who wants to have a Jenweiser with me?" as she did her best Stone Cold impression while wearing a red bikini, the bottoms emblazoned with "JEN."  

Next up was Layla. Dressed in a sexy police uniform, she said, "I'm going to lay the law down." She whipped off her belt and spanked Perry with it, then ripped off her police officer's suit to reveal a red bikini. Layla began her talent routine -- dancing -- but slipped on the beer from the Jenweiser. Layla continued to strut her stuff, but obviously irritated at Jen, she threw one of Jen's beer cans at her, which resulted in the twosome getting into a shoving and spanking match, and both ended up rolling around in the ring. "She knew I was going to dance," Layla said of the Jen's beer spillage. "Messed up. Don't do it."

Milena was the third to showcase her talent -- mixed martial arts. Dressed in a white karate uniform, Milena complained that she was feeling hot, so she tore off the uniform to reveal a leopard print two piece and fishnet stockings. Once again, with the help of the volunteer, Josh, Milena demonstrated her martial arts moves. With the remaining time, Milena danced around the ring and thanked the WWE fans for their votes. "I'm going to earn your respect, I promise, you guys. I love you," she said.

 Finally, J.T. demonstrated her talent for the crowd -- reciting her own poetry about the Diva Search while wearing a tiny black bikini. "I've got confidence and class, and I'm ready to fight," she says. J.T. gets a little feisty by the end of her poem, provoking the other Diva Search finalists. "When you get into this run, your ass is done," she said with determination.

After J.T.'s poetry, Perry visited each Diva Finalist one-by-one in the ring, asking the Nashville crowd to clap for their favorite contestant. While the crowd reaction was mixed for most of the girls, it was obvious Nashville liked Layla's police officer dance routine the best, as Perry named her the winner of the evening.

Which Diva Search Talent Show contestant will get the least amount of votes this week? Don't forget to vote for your favorite Diva online or via text message. Tune in to RAW Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA to see who is eliminated. Also, don't forget to watch the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Finals live from the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City Wednesday night at 10/9 CT on USA.


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