In Eddie's Name has learned that after weeks of bitter fighting and argument, the emotional war between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero will come to a head at SummerSlam.

Spurred on by the confrontation between the two on SmackDown, General Manager Theodore Long set a match for SummerSlam between the former friends, Mysterio and Chavo. The malice and resentment between these men has reached the boiling point, growing as far as to bring Chavo out of retirement to battle Mysterio on Aug. 20.
The toxic situation between Rey and Chavo has also seriously affected the Guerrero family, drawing Eddie’s widow Vickie Guerrero into the equation. Having strong relationships with both individuals, Vickie has come forward in an attempt to restore peace between Rey and Chavo.

“My heart’s broken because I feel like my whole family’s falling apart,” said a sullen Vickie in an exclusive interview with “I love Rey and I love Chavo. Rey has been a special part of my life because he was Eddie’s close friend. Then there’s Chavito, who’s my nephew, and that’s special in itself. It’s breaking my heart that they can’t get along. With losing Eddie and then seeing how Chavo and Rey can’t get along, I feel like I’m losing both of them too,” she added. “I just wish they would come to peaceful terms.”

On Friday, Vickie once again got in the middle of Chavo and Rey’s fervent dispute leading to Vickie getting violently knocked to the floor. Still, Vickie said that she refuses to back off and watch her “familia” tear each other apart. In hopes of keeping her family together, Vickie told that she intends on going to Theodore Long personally to talk him into calling off the match between Rey and Chavo.

“If I can reach Teddy before SummerSlam, I’m going to plead my case [to call off the match],” said a determined Vickie Guerrero. “I don’t want Rey and Chavito to go through with this because it’s not going to result in anything good and…I think Eddie would be happy too if they could forgive each other and move on.”

It truly has been a devastating and emotionally exhausting year for the Guerrero family. For Rey Mysterio, it has also been an emotional nine months, beginning with Eddie Guerrero’s passing in November and leading into Rey’s quest for the World Championship – a quest that culminated in Chavo Guerrero’s betrayal last month. At The Great American Bash – and then again on SmackDown five days later – Chavo cost the biggest underdog champion in WWE history his livelihood and his dream.

Rey told that he’s heading into SummerSlam prepared for one of the most personal battles he’s ever had in the squared circle.

“My mentality is in fight mode right now,” said the former World Champion. “[Chavo and I have] been going through a rough time since Eddie passed away, and I thought Chavo was closer to me than anybody else until he turned his back on me. When I won the World Championship at WrestleMania 22, he was there raising my hand. Then, last month, he made me lose my World title. After all that’s happened, I’m not going to be holding anything back [at SummerSlam].”

Rey expressed genuine regret for what happened to Vickie on SmackDown, but said that at SummerSlam, Vickie and the Guerrero family is going to be completely out of his sight.

“The only person that’s going to be in the ring is going to be Chavo Guerrero, so that’s going to be my focus,” Mysterio said. “I’m coming to fight.”

Frustrated by several disappointing losses on RAW, Chavo retired from sports-entertainment in April, saying that he’d let down his family, the fans and Eddie Guerrero himself. Even in retirement, Chavo rallied behind Rey in his journey to winning the World Championship in the name of Eddie Guerrero. Following months of support, Chavo surprised the world by leveling Mysterio with a steel chair at The Bash.

The surprise continued weeks ago on SmackDown as Chavo went on the record to explain his actions and address his severed friendship. Chavo claimed that in tying himself to the late Eddie Guerrero, Mysterio was trying to “steal the spotlight.” Addressing his former friend on SmackDown, a bitter Chavo also called Mysterio “a leech living off the blood of the Guerrero name.”

“You didn’t just steal Eddie from me,” he said, “you didn’t just steal him from the Guerrero family; you stole the memory of Eddie from each and every one of those people out there.”

After learning of Teddy Long’s announcement, Chavo spoke with as well to offer his thoughts on his match at SummerSlam. Like Rey, Chavo said he is looking forward to meeting Mysterio one-on-one in Boston on Aug. 20.

“You honor and protect your DNA,” said Chavo, “you protect your family. That’s what this match boils down to. I love [Vickie Guerrero], but she’s got to understand I’m doing this to protect the Guerrero name and to defend the Guerrero name. She’s got to stay back and let [the match] happen.”

The conflict between Rey and Chavo has grown more and more vicious with each passing moment. Vickie Guerrero has put her own physical and emotional health at risk, but has been unsuccessful in maintaining peace. If she is unable to sway Long’s decision, this contest could be one of the most vile matches in SummerSlam history.

According to Chavo, this match with Rey Mysterio goes beyond anything WWE fans have ever seen or experienced before. He said their dispute extends further than sports-entertainment and neither man – especially Mysterio – will ever be the same.

“This is real,” said Chavo vehemently. “[At SummerSlam], you’re going to see real emotions. You’re going to see a whole new meaning to the word ‘Guerrero’.”

Can either man emerge victorious at SummerSlam? Will the war between Mysterio and Chavo come to an end? What will become of the family-like bond between Rey Mysterio and the Guerreros? Find out live and only on pay-per-view.


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