Crushing the competition

Crushing the competition

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- If you didn't think that The Great Khali was unstoppable already, the events of Friday night could easily sway that opinion.

For the second week in a row, 16-time World Champion Ric Flair felt the wrath of The Great Khali's devastating Claw at the end of Friday Night SmackDown. This time, however, the World Heavyweight Champion's new hand-weapon also claimed a second victim -- none other than Flair's protégé and Khali's opponent at SummerSlam, Batista.

The destruction of the former Evolution teammates was even foretold by The Great Khali's translator, Ranjin Singh, but it came a little earlier than prophesized. Following Batista's show-opening victory over Domino, Singh and Khali appeared on the TitanTron, where Ranjin interpreted the World Heavyweight Champion's rant in his native Punjabi tongue.

"The Great Khali says that you won't be doing any celebrating after SummerSlam," Singh revealed, "because what The Great Khali did to Ric Flair is the same thing he will do to you at SummerSlam."

Meanwhile, with his non-title match against Khali on tap in the main event, the "Nature Boy" shared a plan of his own with SmackDown's Animal.

"I've faced Jack Mulligan, Jack Lanza, Baron von Raschke, the Von Erichs…nobody had a Claw like this guy. His hand is like a vise grip," Flair admitted. "But tonight, I will break him down in that ring and slap him in my move, the Figure Four Leg Lock, and he will tap out. WOOOOOO!"

Unfortunately for Flair and The Animal, two things went awry -- the "Nature Boy" never got to execute his plan, and the World Heavyweight Champion didn't wait until The Biggest Party of the Summer to make Batista feel the Claw.

The Great Khali dominated his match with Flair, and while the "Nature Boy" got in a flurry of his signature offense near the end, the fury of the World Heavyweight Champion's massive paws were enough to pin Flair's shoulders to the mat. Unlike in their previous encounter, however, Khali refused to release his vicious Claw after the match was over.

Enter Batista, who clobbered Khali with everything he had. But when he tried to Batista Bomb the 7-foot-3, 420-pound Punjabi powerhouse, that's when everything went wrong. The World Heavyweight Champion pushed him away, and when The Animal sprung back off the ropes, he found himself trapped in the massive hand of The Great Khali.

Our fans sat in shock as they watched the superhumanly powerful Batista wilt like a dry flower while in the clutches of the champion. As Khali screamed and squeezed, nearly crushing Batista's skull in the process, the fearless Animal looked more like a tranquilized one. Once he thought significant damage was done, the massive champion released the hold and let Batista fall to the canvas like a sack of oats.

As The Great Khali stood victorious in the ring, our fans in Youngstown -- and most likely many of those watching on television around the world -- sat in stunned silence at the carnage they had just witnessed. With SummerSlam on the horizon, it appears as if The Great Khali has Batista's number -- and for that matter, with his newest piece of artillery, he might have everyone's number.

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