Edge's descent into darkness

Edge's descent into darkness

ATLANTA -- One by one, "The Family" found some of its members mysteriously unconscious with black roses next to their motionless bodies. First it was big Bam Neely in the Philips Arena loading area, then it was WWE Tag Team Champion Curt Hawkins in the locker room. Concerned about who was to blame -- and more importantly, who was next -- Chavo Guerrero convinced Vickie Guerrero that they needed Edge's help.

But instead of helping his family members, Edge turned on them in a maniacal outburst that left his new bride in a ball of tears -- and his best man the recipient of a ruthless steel Con-Chair-To.

After the hellish carnage, the Ultimate Opportunist explained his malevolent metamorphosis by saying, "Mick Foley was right. This is the Edge that needs to step into Hell in a Cell." SummerSlam preview …

Khali: 1, The Game: 0
With their SummerSlam title match looming, WWE Champion Triple H took on The Great Khali in a risky Indian Broken Glass Arm Wrestling Contest. But before a winner could be determined, the Punjabi Giant head butted the champion and crushed his head with an overpowering Khali Vise Grip. (WATCH) Despite the outcome of this battle, The Game vowed to break both of Khali's legs at SummerSlam. SummerSlam preview …

MVP screws Hardy … again
It was a match of North Carolina vs. South Carolina natives, as Jeff Hardy (from NC) took on United States Champion Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match. Throughout the bout, the Gold Standard keyed in on Hardy's injured left leg that was still nagging him from his Saturday Night's Main Event match with Edge. Things were looking good for Hardy when he unloaded on Benjamin with a Twist of Fate, followed up by a Swanton Bomb. But just like on Saturday, MVP came out of nowhere to kick Hardy in the head. The Ballin' Superstar's interference caused the bout to be ruled a No-Contest. Both Superstars are now on a collision course for SummerSlam. SummerSlam preview …

Diva mettle
In the spirit of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, SmackDown hosted a special Six Diva WWE Olympic Tag Team Match. The unique encounter pitted Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Maria & Cherry against Natalya, Victoria, & Maryse. In the end, Natalya proved her mettle and earned her team the win by forcing Maria to submit with a well-executed Sharpshooter. (WATCH)

Ultimate opportunists
Before Curt Hawkins' mysterious bout of unconsciousness in the locker room, he and Zack Ryder squared off earlier in the night against Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore in a non-title tag match. With the ref distracted toward the end of the bout, Hawkins & Ryder seized the opportunity and delivered a double DDT to Moore. Ryder capitalized and picked up the pinfall over Moore.

Moscow mauled
In perhaps his first words spoken in English over a WWE ring microphone, Vladimir Kozlov said, "I am undefeated. I demand better competition," before facing Jesse. In the end, Jesse did not provide what Kozlov was asking for. After Jesse launched himself from the top rope onto Kozlov, he was met mid-air with a hard-hitting head butt from the Moscow Mauler. The stifling blow enabled Kozlov to pick up another commanding victory.

Breaking backs, taking names
With Ezekiel Jackson at his side, The Brian Kendrick picked up a pinfall over Super Crazy, thanks to a distraction from his massive associate at ringside. And just like last week on SmackDown, Kendrick's opponent was the unfortunate recipient of a crushing backbreaker after the bell. (WATCH)

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