SmackDown Divas go for Olympic Gold

SmackDown Divas go for Olympic Gold

The SmackDown Divas went for Olympic gold on Friday night, as Michelle McCool, Maria & Cherry battled Natalya, Victoria & Maryse in a special, Six-Diva Tag Team Match. But this wasn't just any tag bout -- these SmackDown women showed off their athletic alter-egos with pride.

"Tonight we had an Olympic tag team battle of three-on-three Divas," explained SmackDown newcomer, Maria.  "I was a ski bunny, representing Greece. It was a shout-out to my folks back home, and to Greece. Everyone's so nice to me there every time I go."

Maria was joined by Cherry, clad in sexy boxing gear, and Divas Champion McCool, who, in typical All-American Girl style, sported a U.S.A. volleyball uniform. As for their opponents, Natalya donned a jockey's equestrian-inspired gear, Victoria boldly suited up in a gymnastics leotard and Maryse wore a Canadian tennis ensemble. But unfortunately for the French Canadian Diva, her night was doomed from the moment she entered the ring.

"Maryse said she's hot stuff, but if you were watching her at the very beginning when she knocked herself in the face with her Olympic Gold medals, you'd see that was not very hot," Maria scoffed.

Maryse's night only got worse when ski bunny Maria landed a brutal bulldog on the blond, breaking her nose. (Fear not, Maryse fans, the injury won't sideline the Diva.) Could this be sweet karma returning to haunt Maryse for kicking Cherry in the face a few weeks ago?

"I accidentally … no, I intentionally broke Maryse's nose. She definitely deserved it," Maria said, sticking up for her new SmackDown Diva ally, Cherry. "Maryse was worthy of taking my bulldog."

But after the raucous and wildly entertaining Six-Diva Tag Match, the one and only third-generation Diva came out on top.

"I gave Michelle a little taste of what she deserved. I also finished off Maria, who clearly didn't know it's the Summer Olympics," Natalya said of Maria's Greek skiing gear.

"She thought she was out there like a little snow bunny on the hill. The only thing that was missing was Gemini -- her little mutt dog -- out there with frou-frou, little pom-poms on his bod. I don't think that dog is a purebred, let's put it that way," Natalya laughed.

The third-generation Diva said she was able to embrace her jockey outfit because like an equestrian, she, too, has class, style, grace and poise.

"I believe I did represent all of the women out there -- and maybe even the men -- who ride the horses," she said. "Being third-generation, naturally I am sophisticated, elegant and sleek like all the equestrians out there. I think I rode my pony quite well tonight!"

The Diva from the Dungeon used her Sharpshooter submission move for the win over the SmackDown newcomer. Maybe that, too, was a little payback to Maria for breaking Maryse's nose moments before.

"Tonight Maria experienced a little family tradition, and I think she had that coming," Natalya said. "Because when you mess with the best, you go down with the rest."

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