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This week on SmackDown, the world will finally learn why Chavo Guerrero severed one of the most deep-rooted friendships ever seen in sports-entertainment. On Friday, Chavo promises to go on the record and address his deplorable actions against Rey Mysterio, a lifelong friend of Chavo and the Guerrero family.

On July 23 in Indianapolis, Ind. -- the very place where Eddie Guerrero had his final match last November -- the unique bond shared by Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio was dishonorably ruptured, its pieces strewn about the Conseco Fieldhouse. At The Great American Bash, not only was the Guerrero-Mysterio bond shattered at the hands of Chavo, but the story of the greatest underdog World Champion in WWE history was brought to an abrupt, controversial close.

Moments after telling Rey that he was present at The Bash to help keep Rey's dream alive, Chavo betrayed his friend and cost Rey his livelihood. Seemingly coming to the ring to assist Mysterio in his championship match, Chavo surprised the world by slamming Mysterio with a steel chair, allowing King Booker to become the new World Champion.

Five days later, Chavo assaulted Mysterio for the second time in a single week, costing Rey his return championship match with King Booker on SmackDown. Earlier that same night, in a presumably off-site interview, Chavo said he was not present at SmackDown due to "personal reasons." No one -- least of all, Rey Mysterio -- could have anticipated the embittered Guerrero's appearance and attack during the World Heavyweight Championship return match. With the gold hanging in the balance, Chavo came to ringside, grabbed Mysterio and hurled him from off the apron into the barrier. Chavo then threw his former friend back into the ring for King Booker to get the victory.

It was Rey Mysterio's dream for 16 years of his career to one day become World Champion. Mysterio seemed an unlikely contender to fulfill such a dream until the passing of his best friend, Eddie Guerrero, last November. In memory of Eddie, Mysterio committed himself to turning a seemingly impossible dream into a reality. In January, Mysterio dedicated his performance in the Royal Rumble Match to Eddie and outlasted 29 other Superstars to win a World Championship opportunity at WrestleMania 22.

Outside of the ring, after Eddie's passing, the bond between Rey Mysterio and the Guerrero family lived on and grew. Chavo supported Rey and his World Championship quest from the Royal Rumble, all the way up to WrestleMania 22. Both Chavo and Rey stood together to overcome their grief at Eddie's funeral services. Then, along with Chris Benoit, Chavo and Rey inducted their beloved friend into the WWE Hall of Fame on the eve of WrestleMania 22. Side by side, they spoke of their friend and uncle as a brother whose memory would live in their hearts forever.

One night after proudly inducting Eddie Guerrero into the WWE Hall of Fame, Mysterio's dream came to fruition and his commitment to his fallen friend was fulfilled when he pinned Randy Orton to win the World Championship. Reaching the pinnacle of his career, Rey was met by Chavo who embraced and celebrated with his friend, the new World Champion.

Following his uncle Eddie's tragic passing, Chavo Guerrero wasn't finding the same success as Rey Mysterio on RAW. On April 3, after losing an Intercontinental Championship match to Shelton Benjamin, in a state of frustration and shame, Chavo declared that he quit wrestling. A few weeks after, Jim Ross sat down with Chavo who reaffirmed his decision to end his wrestling career, stating that he let down his fans, his family and Eddie Guerrero himself by losing the match he dedicated to his uncle.

Even in his retirement, Chavo was in Rey Mysterio's corner, passionately cheering him on during his World Championship quest. At Judgment Day this past May, Chavo gave Rey an encouraging talk before his match with JBL and then came to the ring to celebrate with the Mysterio after successfully defending his championship. Days later, in a Judgment Day rematch, a supportive Chavo was in Mysterio's corner as he once again took on JBL. At the close of the match, Chavo took a grueling shot to the head from JBL with a steel chair, just before Layfield attempted to lay out Mysterio. This allowed Rey to recover and, ultimately, defeat his challenger for the second time.

Less than one month later on SmackDown, the World Championship was on the line as Rey faced the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry -- a man who had beaten Mysterio on several separate occasions prior to this match. Rey's odds looked slim until Chavo Guerrero made a crucial assist in the Champion's favor. Using the Guerrero family method of lying, cheating ad stealing, Chavo clipped Henry's knee as he held Mysterio precariously above his head. Chavo then took a chair, banged it against the steel post and tossed it into Henry's massive paws, just in time for the referee to see the chair in Henry's hands. The referee looked at Rey lying on the ring mat and disqualified the challenger, giving Rey the victory.

Time after time, Chavo proved himself to be a true friend of Rey Mysterio, helping Rey perpetuate his reign as World Champion. Then, last week, Chavo brought that all to a tumultuous end. One week later, Chavo vows to explain why he did what he did to his former friend, Rey Mysterio. He also said that he would come to SmackDown to "educate" Mysterio on the true meaning of the Guerrero name. What did Chavo mean by this? Why did Chavo destroy his close bond with Rey Mysterio? What explanation will he have to offer?

Watch SmackDown this Friday night at 8/7 on UPN to find out.

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